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Is it a good idea to loosen up your fingers on an off day and if so what are some good rest day grip exercises? I'm doing a 3 week 1 week rest program that seems to be giving results through those 3 weeks. I'm currently resting this week to recover.

My workouts are

Starting with grippers until complete failure

Working with different diameter wrist rollers starting with 3 inch diameter until I'm down to the rope & then I drop an inch repeating the process until I'm down to a 1 inch wrist roller on just the rope.

Days in between i strictly train my pinch grip with similar strategy to the wrist roller.

I do the gripper & roller workout every other day.

I also do my pinch gripping every other day.

I pretty much do 7 days a week for 3 weeks & then take a week off.

Any suggestions are always excepted.

I am noticing gripper & pinch improvements already & this is just rest day 1.

My goals are to do high reps on a 200 pound gripper this year & close a coc 2.5.

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How long have you been grip training?

2-3 years

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the only concern i'd have with your type of workout is the volume... i know if i was pushing out those kind of reps i would burn out... but if you have been training for that long and are still seeing results then it works :)

here lately i have been doing a medley style routine where i start off with 1.5" block set grippers then do about 5-6 random items i lay out on the floor - then finish the medley with a 25mm block set (short side of ghp block)

i think it will help me in the all around big picture

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