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The Harley Holdback - 10/7/12

John Beatty

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My favorite show feat. Did this yesterday at a bar in Georgetown, IL.

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Damn!!! Very impressive John!!! How do you train for something like that?

Also, I hope your sinuses are healthy, that's a lot of burnt rubber to be inhaling.

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I try to hold my breath, once they hit it it's only about 15 seconds. It does get pretty smoky & I have melted rubber from ankles to armpits. It really sucks if you get a hot chunk of rubber sticking under your arm.

As to training, no real need. It's not that bad. You really just need a decent (for here - not the average Joe's grip) grip, fairly strong legs (you always get one side hitting it harder than the other, or one bike with better tires, one is heavier, basically, you have to counter the extra pull on one side to even things out. Once they get spinning, the pull goes down to almost nothing. Maybe 100lbs each side. Initial pull I'd guess about 300lbs to a side. That only lasts for about 2 seconds. Then the cool part. Lots of smoke & noise!

Thanks, guys, glad you liked it. I only get to do that once a year or so.

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Another awesome piece of showmanship John! You keep representing the culture of strongman with style and strength!

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