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Any Recomened Thumb Exercises?


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On ‎12‎.‎03‎.‎2018 at 8:47 PM, Roger Roberson said:

I know a lot of guys will say don’t do negatives but if you can get used to them without injury which is sorta tough cause our body’s are very different. They have made my thumbs pretty strong and thumb pad bigger.


looking strong, mate!

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Old topic but I thought I would add some more.

Quarter Control Roll. Just take a quarter, or go down to a dime, and pinch it along the edges (not the faces) and rotate it slowly while trying to exert as much force as you can without it flying out of your hand. Small rotation range, but pretty good, and isolates each finger and a slightly different thumb load. You can hold the coin high or low, finger/thumb curled or extended. Might seem like some sort of prehab/rehab but it isn't if you actually put some strength into it. Directly correlates to the level of control you have, so responds really well to high volume. An hour total for both hands, ~8 minutes each finger. Crushes my thumb pad, really burns. Doesn't do anything if I'm idle or not focusing though. Focus = Control, and Control = Force, and Force = Training.

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