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Ring Finger Strain


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overdid it squeezing racquetball after qrip workout. my finger below middle knuckle is swollen, feels stiff and unable to continue gripping. ive been icing 10 min a day and heating coupled with Ibuprofen. i injured it 5 days ago and slowly feels like its getting better. i can use walmart gripper with no pain to encourage active recovery. Is this just of case of straining the tendon or ligament and rest is my best bet?

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I would say keep with the Ice and heat and anti-inflammitories. I wouldn't mess with a gripper until the swelling goes down. You can also just open and close hand to work out the stiffness and get some blood flow in there. When I do cold or hot treatment on my hands its usually in the form of a soak in say a 5 gal bucket of ice water or hot water. I try to open and close hands as fast as possible (not squeezing hard or anything) for 1.5 -2min at a time then taking hands out for a few minutes and repeating 2-3 times. This seems to work really well for getting inflammation down. You can also throw some epson salts in the hot water if you like for an added treat.

Good luck,


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Keep in mind that the fingers have no muscles so what you have is a tendon

attachment point that you've tore (micro tear), or strained (stretched).

Ice and active rest is best. By active rest I mean keeping the hands/fingers moving

without load (no gripper).

Finger issues are pretty easy to troubleshoot due to the fact that you can eliminate muscles problems

right off the bat. The problem you will run into though is if you're dealing with what's called referred

pain. This is pain in a specific area but originating elsewhere. This is where knowledge of anatomy comes in

handy. Hint: 90% of all hand, wrist and forearm pain originate in your extensors! Most people have no clue

as to the importance and vital role the extensors play in the grip game. Good news is there's simple ways to get

them back to tip-top shape with a little suffering (this technique hurts) and persistence (doesn't happen over night).

Some day if I ever get some free time I plan on writing an article dealing with rehab/prehab of grip

related hand health.

Hope this helps!

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would it be not encouraged to exercise other fingers as this may hender and aggravate my ring finger? i believe i just strained the finger.

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