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My question is how often does one have to do the various grip exercises to get maximun benefit? I now do 3 times a week farmers walks 5 walks for 50ft with 115lbs. that is my max. And also do some rolling thunder bar farmers with 75lbs for 50ft (total of 12 walks each day) on two other days and then various other exercises such as pinch grip with 50lbs for a few reps, wrist rolling, and lever bar work. I am just wondering if I am doing grip training to often. I have seen on here where the person took a long break (3-days off) after intense training and seemed to benefit nicely from the break. Is this correct or is it better every other day training? Thanks for all suggestions, new at this and trying to see what works best.

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1). Train every day.

2). Train every other day.

3). Train every three days.

4). Train each different grip once a week.

5). Train your entire grip, one day a week.

6). Train 4 on, 3 off. 0r 5 on 2 off.

7). Train what you feel like, when you feel like it.

8). Train twice a day, every day until your hands are bleeding.

Python, every person on this board has a unique lifting and training style, and every type of person has an idealized work out that optimaly suits his body.

It's on you to find what works for you.

Generaly, 2-3 times a week at first, as you are doing, is best, until you can increase volume. It seems that a lot of people respond very well to training 6 on 1 off. Then again, this can damage other peoples hands, and they excell by training once a week... You see there is no right answer.

Try them all, and find your style.

As far as the people who "took three days off", this was after training hard every day for a week or so.

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"New at this and trying to see what works best". Thats just what you have to do.I do grip & wrist's twice a week,monday-grip,tuesday-wrist's,off wednesday,thursday-grip,friday-wrist's.I think if I did any more I wouldnt have enough time to heal. I go all out every workout untill failure.

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Even when I think I have developed a routine, I break it. I was just looking back through my workout log, started in mid December. I was training once a day changed to twice a day, rest one day or two, changed exercises, add exercises, stopped doing certain exercises, added volume, rest 2-3-4 days, went up a gripper, change change change. As of this week, my volume has gone through the roof, closing my #2 between 50 and 70 times a day! I don't even know what's good for me. But the proof is there. In early January, I struggled with 2-3 reps on the #2. My goal used to be 5 reps, any time. Now, it's 10 reps any time.

I would not be doing this current volume if I hadn't worked up to it. I have had tendon problems before, and I have carefully monitored my pains to distinguish between soreness and injury. I learned the hard way to work my way into things.

I also will not limit myself to a routine. If I had, I wouldn't be where I am now. Next week I may not be set/rep crazy. I may switch to heavy strapholds. Or more penny holds. Or both. Or something entirely different.

For me, many heavy days followed by a few rest days is working great. But I'm ok if that changes. Whatever works is what you will find me doing. What has helped greatly is keeping a training log. Look through some of them, see the good and bad, and consider doing one of your own. There's a lot to be learned from a log, especially your own.

Stick with it, be smart, and you will succeed.


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