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Goal: Over Bodyweight Rolling Thunder, Then 100kg, 105kg, 110kg, And 1


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This is where I'll keep track of PRs on my way to an over-bodyweight Rolling Thunder pull. My hands are pretty close in maxes right now - 201lbs lefty and 208lbs righty. I have pulled 230lbs in the past (2008) - but haven't come very close to that for various reasons since then. This year I am battling a right forearm tweak that has made grippers essentially impossible to train for months on end. The thickbar support lifts aren't as affected by the tweak so I can train them without too much discomfort and it only takes maybe 10% of my top-end strength away.

Over-bodyweight is my first Rolling Thunder goal of note. Was 211lbs this morning before my 208lb pull.

Subsequent goals will be 220lbs, 231lbs, 242lbs, and 253lbs. I might never make the higher goals but it'll be something to shoot for in the years to come.


Here's my 201lb lefty pull.

My last Rolling Thunder workout was January 27th. So frequency of training hasn't had anything to do with the recent increase. I've been doing a lot of Plateau Buster One Hand Deadlifts and kettlebell training. Either of those could conceivably be helping it go up.

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Nice to read Ben, you are one of the stronger guys around here and consistent with your posts. Interesting to read what you are doing and how you do that.

I'll be following for sure. Good luck with your goal!

Edit: btw strong pulls haha!

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Very Strong Number's on the Rolling Thunder Ben. I am also trying to bring My Strength up on the RT. I have hardly Trained this but I am having fun with it.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Been almost 3 weeks since my last Rolling Thunder workout so I did one yesterday. Pulled 203lbs lefty - a 2lb PR.

Also pulled 213lbs about 2" off the ground righty. Bodyweight was 213lbs so it would've been my first bodyweight RT pull. Soon.

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Edit: Reviewed the video and I got 213lbs about 4" off the ground. Only about an inch or two away from what at my height is a full lift. But I keep seesawing with my diet so by the time I pull 213lbs I might be 220lbs again.

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