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So, I just got the CoC #2. I am kinda on a tight budget. I own the T and #1 and have used them for about 8 months. Gave the T to my bro in law because it was too easy. I am millimeters away from closing the #2 (was my short term goal when I got the T). I use these things almost every day throughout my day. No concentrated training time just a lot of sets throughout the day. I train at a guys place for free and he is nicely equipped. I do axel bar, eagle loops, fat rope, and rolling thunder stuff when I train weights 2 times per week. Not to mention a ton of standard pulling.

I am thinking about just taking a few weeks off grippers because of lack of progress. I am addicted and will have to hide them. Should I also avoid all grip centric weight room stuff or would the gripper break be enough to recover? How long should the break be, 1 week, 2, more?

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I would say take a week off from all grip related work. Do your other normal strength related work (it will be good active recovery for your grip). See how it goes after a week off. Then consider either reducing the frequency of training with the grippers, or taking a week off every so often. Trying to make progress on an overtrained set of muscles is like pushing a rope. My $0.02.

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