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Crossfit, Grip And More


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Sunday 12-18-2011 - Crossfit

4 Rounds for Time:


50 x 16KG Sumo Deadlift Kettlebell Highpulls (Substitute for rowing)

Run 1/4 Mile


Foam Roller routine for cool down.

Wore my Vibrams and my calves are still killing me today. Knee feels good, still swole up some though.

Tuesday 12-20-2011 - Chest

Incline Dumbbell Press - 12 x 40lb, 10 x 50lb, 8 x 60lb, 5 x 60lb

Dumbell Pullover - 15 x 50lb, 12 x 60lb, 10 x 60lb

Flat Dumbbell Press - 60lb x 10, 60lb x 8

Handstand - 30 seconds

Handstand Pushups - 5 x BW, 5 x BW

Pushups - 15 x BW, 10 x BW

Foam Roller routine for cool down.

Calves still hurt.

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Thursday 12-22-2011 - Back

Pullups - 10 x 3 x BW

Alternating DB Curls - 10 x 35lb, 10 x 35lb, 8 x 35lb

Incline Two Handed DB Rows - 10 x 40lb, 10 x 45lb, 10 x 50lb

Hammer Curls - 3 x 10 x 30lb

One Arm Flat Bench DBRows - 10 x 40lb, 10 x 40lb, 8 x 40lb

Concentration Curl Superset - 10 x 25lb + 10 x 20lb + 10 x 15lb

DB Shrugs + DB Back Flyes = 3 x 10 x (60lbs, 10lbs)

Starting to feel strong again, Knee is definitly swollen, 2 months out from surgery.

Christmas shopping done.

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Friday 12-23-2011 - Crossfit

For Time: 16:50.4


30 x BW Pullups + 30 x BW Pushups : 2:01.2

100 x 55lb Barbell Push Press : 10:16:0

100 x 16kg KB Dead lift High Pulls 4:33:2


I had terrible form on the Push Press, first time I have done this exercise for large reps. Figured out how to hold it on my upper chest, with my triceps resting on my lats instead of supporting the whole weight with my shoulders in between reps towards the end.

Cannon, thanks for the welcome back... I'm hoping this board can help me maintain my motivation...

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Monday 12-26-2011 - Crossfit



BB Dead lift 55lbs x 10, 135lbs x 5, 205lbs x 3, 255lbs x 2




BB Dead lift 305lbs x 2 reps x 6 sets


Foam Roller routine for cool down.

Worked 6 hrs OT today.

Christmas was great with girlfriend, daughter and family. Hope everyone else's was too.

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Tuesday 12-27-2011 - Crossfit

Set =


9 Barbell Deadlifts

6 Barbell Hang Snatches

3 Barbell Overhead Squats


Warmup (not timed): 1 @ BW, 1 @ 45lbs, 1 @ 75lbs

Workout (for time): 5 sets @ 95lbs, 9 minutes 8 seconds.


1. I don't do a lot of snatching and this is the first time doing hang snatches. I was working on the form quite a bit, trying to generate the upward lift from leg drive and hip extension.

2. The whole set hit the grip a lot more than I though it would. Had to split the last to sets of snatches up do to hand fatigue.

3. I have some flexibility issues with overhead squats BIG Time...

4. Worked 7.5 hrs OT today.

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Friday 12-30-2011 - Chest

Incline DBPress - 10 x 40lb, 10 x 50lb, 7 x 60lb, 6 x 60lb, 6 x 60lb

DB Pullover - 12 x 60lb, 12 x 60lb, 10 x 60lb

1. Kind of a weak workout, had a deep tissue massage earlier in the day and was feeling dehydrated. Going to go a hard crossfit tomorrow.

2.Took my girlfriend and her mother out to eat at Macaroni Grill. First time meeting her, went well.

3. Going out for UFC tonight!

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Tuesday 01-10-2011 - Crossfit

Every minute add 1 rep. Start with 1 Pullup....

Made it through minute 11 barely.... 66 reps.


Every minute add 1 rep. Start with 1 Pushup and 1 Squat...

Made it through minute 14 barely.... 105 reps.

Wednesday 01-11-2011 - Crossfit

For Time....

50 x BW Squats

50 x Pushups (Hands come off floor between reps)

50 x Leg Raises

50 x 20lb Bicep Curls

50 x Steps ups (24")

50 x 30lb DB Pullover

50 x Situps

50 x Wall Ball Shots (8lb ball)

Didn't record it.... somewhere around 15 min...

1. Had my daughter for 7 hours on Saturday, went really well!

2. Cooking tomorrow with girlfriend (she ran a marathon 4 days ago... so Proud!)

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Thursday 01-12-2011 - Arms and Abs

3 x 35lb Alternating DB Curls + 3 x 15 Leg Up Situps

3 x 30lb DB Hammer Curls + 3 x 12 Pike Leg Lifts

3 x 15lb Concentration Curls + 3 x 1min Planks

3 x DonkeyBall Tricep Extensions (85, 95 105lb) + 3 x 30sec 6inch Ab holds

3 x 20lb 1 Arm Overhead DB Tricep Extensions + 3 x 15 Boat Rowers

3 x 15 x DB Tricep Throwbacks...

1. Brought girlfriend along on this one... her idea for the muscle groups... she's not allowed to say the word chicken wing ever again!w

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Thursday 01-15-2011 - Crossfit

10 Rounds for time of:

135lb Deadlift x 15 Reps +

15 Pushups

= 20 min, 1sec.

1. Pushups were what held this one back. Had to start breaking them up at round 6. Last round was 6, 5, 4.

2. Deadlifts were easy cruised all 10 sets.

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