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Ordering First Gripper


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I see the "What gripper should I get" thread, but I have no idea what any of that .225 etc. means, so i figured Id ask here...

I am wanting to strengthen my grip/forearms and am looking to buy my first gripper. I have worked out with weights just a bit, but mostly in an attempt to firm up during weight loss, never for athletic purposes or really strength purposes in mind. I just wondered what would be my best option to start with. I planned on a CoC as they seem to get good reviews and have consistent levels of increased resistance. I'm a 28 year old male if that makes a difference in suggestions and I've never used a gripper of any kind in the past.

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Depending on how many grippers you can afford, I would recommend the following:

One - Get a Trainer (but you'll outgrow it quick)

Two - Trainer and #1.5

Three - Trainer, #1, #2

Four - Trainer, #1, #2, #2.5

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Thanks for the info. I really had no idea about a good starting point. About to order a couple up.

Nice, happy squeezing.

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I had the same issue with wondering where to start, and wanting to get the most bang for my buck. I ended up getting a set of six Heavy Grips, and was not disappointed. I also ended up getting a Robert Baraban Adjustable gripper, and I absolutely love it. It has a wider set than the Heavy Grips, 1/2" more or better, and it allows the user to fine tune resistance. There is a LOT of great gear out there!

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They are cheap (good way and bad way) but the Strongman grips you can get a set of 9 on ebay for 70 bucks or 3 for 30 (125, 175, 225.) The 175 and 225 strengths I haven't seen anyone else offer. The 225 helped me get to closing #2 cocs. The knurling is sharper than heavygrips, almost as sharp as cocs. The springs are a bit ugly, but oh well.

The set of 3 would be a good starting point for most people I think.

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I like the Heavy Grips because the distance between the handles is a bit shorter than the COCs.  Easier to "set" them.

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Heavy Grips on Ebay are the best deal I've found. I got the HG250 and it is really tough for me, but I'll keep at it until I can close it with one hand for reps, and then step it up. I have stronger than average grip to begin with though, and I'm trying to develop a super strong grip. Given your background and goals, I'd probably recommend the HG150. Or, if you wanna spend a little more money check out some of the adjustable grippers. 

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