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Recovery And Injury Treatment Questions.


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So here is the story:

I started training my grip maybe an year ago. I started doing insanely high-volume reps with a cheap supermarket gripper. I was doing it all the time and I got to tens of thousands reps per week. I didn't know any better.

Now as you can figure that destroyed my joints. What also destroyed my right hand joints were full force hits to a brick wall. I didn't know any better.

Now as I got smarter and got into Ironmind, COC and fewer reps, and as my hand started healing, I started building considerable grip strenght, keeping in mind that I had to change my forearm muscles from endurance type to fast twitch power type.

The thing is, that even though my hand has overall healed very nicely and it has been a good deal of time since then, there is still a problem with my middle finger joint called Metacarpophalangeal.It comes and goes, but sometimes its a pain that prevents me from training to my fullest, or at all.

So what I am asking of you experienced grip-masters is to please share some healing tips, and some recovery techniques after training.

I have been trying to complete a John Kinney Adapted Training program, but this joint is getting in my way at the very end and I can't finish it properly.

What I have gathered so far is

-Putting your hand in hot water, moving as if shutting a grip, then immediately in cold water, repeating the actions.

-Sleeping with mittens to increase blood flow to the hands and speed up recovery.

Any advice or experience is much appreciated, except "Go to the doctor!", since I kind of have that one figured out already.

I really want to continue improving my grip, and possibly move on to block weights, but with this handy its next to improbable.

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