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I Bought Coc Grippers Need Help


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Hi everyone i bought 2 captain of crush grippers 60 lbs-80 lbs and i need help how to training with them I received a book with them It says 3 steps for beginners first.-warm up 2 sets 10reps number two.3 sets with maximum effort going to failure- numberThree 2 sets 10 reps with expand your hands bands i don't have the expand your hands bands what i need to do ? how many time i need rest between sets ? i not sure that i training with them right? can someone give me program? Sets reps?soory for bad english

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I think of the best things you can do when first starting out is just challenge yourself any way you want. You need to get used to using them and building a base of strength.

When your hands are fresh, just warm up and go for a few sets max reps, for example. It doesn't really matter what you do, just get used to working with them about 3 times per week. Once you're comfortable with them, find a program you like then.

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Also, be sure to read the pinned topics in this forum (FAQs) - there is a lot of information for beginning gripsters. Then, just keep reading - there are many discussions to be found on how to set grippers, use of chalk, and workout routines that have worked for others on the board. Use the search feature to limit it to grippers, etc. as you need to.

The expand your hand bands work the extensors in the hand - try searching the board for 'extensor' to get discussions on how to exercise them.

Welcome to the board!

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Now I got the 100lbs i asked in ironmind forums and one man give me program Tell me if it's good

1 set warm up both hands

set 3-10 Heavy weights

set 1 set both hands Heaviest for 15 reps

set 3-5 very Heavy weights

rest 2 min Between sets what ya Think?

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