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What Is Good Wrist Roller Farm


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Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this is my first post. I've been doing wrist rollers with a thick dowel but I'm not sure where to position my arms. I see most people doing straight arm but my deltoids give out way before my forearms. I can use 3x as much weight with my arms hanging down. But what is the best position for pure forearm training. Thanks

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Hey man! I would drop the dowel so that you do not wind up with shoulder impingement issues :) buy some 2in pvc pipe, drill an offset hole, and run a thin piece of rope through it. Tie a knot so that the rope will not pull back through the hole. Now find a squat rack. Place the oly bar up high so that the bar is able to be gripped and the arms are in a 90 degree angle (straight arms of course), after you check the height, you will need to place a 45lb plate on the opposite side of the bar for a counter weight. Now you just load the weight on the wrist roller and taaa daaa! Supported wrist roller which allows you to go as high as you want without the shoulders giving out before those popeye forearms!

Hope this helped :happy

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