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Beginner Strongman Contest


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The Strongest Man st the Y will be held March 26, 2011 at the Salisbury, NC YMCA. This contest started in 2009, there is a Spring and Fall contest each year. If you have never competed before this is the perfect introduction to strongman. It's a non NAS sanctioned event, entry fee is only $25 and first place in each of 4 weight classes is $250 cash. Events:

-bus pull

-atlas stones (probably 170, 235, and 280lbs)

-circus dumbbell press

-fingal fingers

-prowler sled push

Silverback Strength Equipment will be one of the sponsors- cambered squat bars, push sleds, atlas stones, and 2" axles will be available to try out and buy the day of the contest.

Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Strongest-Man-at-the-JF-Hurley-YMCA/108665365855375

Media coverage http://www.salisburypost.com/Area/081709-Strongman-competition

Salisbury YMCA

828 Jake Alexander Boulevard West

Salisbury, NC 28147

(704) 636-0111

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whats the weight of the bus?

30K pounds. Last year a 135lb guy competed, he pulled it with no problem.

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My problem is that it is during track season - there's no way I can make it - but darn I wish I could.

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Open practice days will be April 5 and April 7th, everyone is welcome to come try out the events.

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Thomas Bowman, the maker of Tommy Tack tacky will be there, competitors will be able to use Tommy Tack on the atlas stones event at no charge. Also Tommy Tack will be offered at a discounted price & awarded to the winner in each class.

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