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Swiss's Training Routine


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Hello guys, quick summary. About a month ago I started looking into grip strength in order to help me out in both Jiu Jitsu and Wrestling, I looked around and decided to order the COC T and 1. Unfortunately I thought myself to have a strong grip but quickly discovered that I was unable to close the trainer... Now a month later I can close the number 1. Here is the routine that I have been doing and I am hoping that it will take me to the #3. In addition to having crushing strength I have also been trying to develop my thumb and wrists in order to be able to hold on to my opponent in grappling. I might also start posting the conditioning workouts we do in Wrestling if anybody is interested.

2 sets of 10 with a Home Depot clamp

3 sets of 10 with COC T

2 sets of 5 with the #1 (can currently close 2 times)

3 negative holds with #1.

3 thumb negatives with Home Depot clamp.

Wrist roller

Extensors work with bands.

I've been doing this everyday and resting on Sunday's. What do you think about this?

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Welcome to the forum.

Regarding the routine, I would say that everyday is a bit much for most people. However, when you start out, the progess usually comes no matter what you do - it did for me. Secondy, you could experiment with different routines in the future - when this one stops working for you. I would recommed focusing on singles instead of reps and doing grippers before clamps. You need to remember though that different things work for different people. A big part of grip work outs (as well as any other work out) is finding what works for you. You have all the potential now to experiment with what works and what doesn't.

Good luck.

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