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My Progress To Grip..whats Your Take?


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Hey everyone this is my first post EVER on this board so i'll start off by introducing myself and my workout/goals..

My name is Jason i'm 23 years old and live in the chicagoland area.

I started seriously working my grip about 2-3 months ago due to the fact that i found a zeal and love through both john brookfield's books and a personal goal to close the #3 gripper and eventually the #4. Also to dabble into arm wrestling sine john brzenk is my arm wrestling hero and i love watching videos on him and devon larratt.

I've already had pretty decently strong hands due to my daytime job. So i wanted to increase it to a level of pure strength, power, and mastery so here is my workout and in addition i was wondering if this is OK for closing #2 gripper (which im about 1mm away from closing) and the #3 gripper and so on (all captains of crush by the way), and for arm wrestling.

Warm up: 10 slow HIT Mike Mentzer workout style squats

1. Towel Roll ups X2

2. Bar Twirling X2

3. Brick Crush X2

4. Weighted Broom Handles

5. Sand Blasting w/ 5 gallon bucket

6. 2x4 board finger walk

7. Ironmind Little big horn anvil lift X2

8. Wrist curling/plate pinching with weights

9. Ironmind Telegraph Key

10. Joe Kinney Secret Weapon negative only holds (i'm assuming ya'll know who joe is..sooo no introduction there)

11. Extensor workout with thick rubber bands

12. Hand pump...which is opening and closing your hands as fast as you can until you feel a huge pump and burn.

13. One rep max very slow pull up 30 seconds on the positive phase, 30 seconds on the negative phase

With joe's secret weapon im thinking about alternating between his secret weapon and grippers.

I only do grip about 2x a week, so i don't over train.

I know this is a long post, but i figured i'd post it here since this is a HUGE ass forum pertained to all things grip so any critique, advice, tips, changes ANYTHING please dont hold back..im here to learn, to grow, to get stronger, have one hell of a powerful grip and some big forearms.

If you dont know what joe's weapon looks like i'll be MORE than happy to take a picture and post it on here down in my basement.

Thank you guys -Jason

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Good to see you here. You'll probably need to move this topic to the logs or something though.

Personally I think hitting way to much variety and not enough work on any one of the exercises. If you want to get strong on grippers as the main goal you must concentrate a bit more on actually working grippers. Strength with them requires a fair bit of technique, like doing a proper squat or bench and that won't be learned from only doing a few reps a week IMO.

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thank you i just uploaded it over there, but yea i see what your saying..instead of jack of all trades master of none type of thing

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Instead doin half a workout warming up doing squats , why don't u just do a serious squat workout and do a little less grip at one time and you will have better grip results that you would ever believe. Watch the guys that do too much in less that a half year they have some sort of injury. Usually setting them way back. I just play around after a strength workout and I don't over do it.


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