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I Must Close The #3!


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As I haven't done anything with grip for a couple years, I feel starting a log is a good idea to keep myself motivated,

by getting feedback from you guys and by reading others logs. Thanks to everyone in advance for all your comments and support

in me on my way to conquering the almighty coc#3!

My first day training grippers I did 4 days ago, and really just did a few random closes trying to get a feel for setting

a gripper again, and to see what strength base I had left (if any!). I was pleasantly surprised that my strength still seemed

to be there, I could close the #1 for reps, and was close to closing the 2. Since I was just getting a feel for things and getting

my hands sore, I won't post on that.

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Wanted to use grippers yesterday, but my hands were still sore from the first day. Guess that was to be expected with not

using them for a long period of time. After warming up, I took out my choked 2.5 and to closed it on my first try which

felt pretty good, but felt better when I closed it on my first try leftie as well. Vids below...

- Warmup - Store grade gripper for 20 reps each hand x 2

- CoC #1 - Right hand: 3 reps from credit card set

Left hand: 3 reps from credit card set

- Coc #2.5 (Choked to parallel) - Right hand - 5 singles, all closed fully.

- Left hand - 5 singles, 3 fully closes, 2 needed a force shut.

- Coc #3 (choked to parallel) - Right hand - 1 attempt, not even close! Vid below

- Left hand - 1 attempt, even further away!

Overall, I felt great closing the 2.5 at parallel on my 2nd workout...question for you guys, should i start to open the clamp a bit

now, or wait until I can rep it before I start doing that?

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Nice work !

I've never done reps with a choker, always singles. I would say open it 2mm by 2 mm until you cannot close the gripper (don't go further than 35 mm) than go back to the last distance where you were able to close the gripper and master it (ie 10 closes on 10 attempts).

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Well, damn dude. You seem to have an incredibly strong set and an explosive hit. You're going to do well working with those.

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Very explosive that #2.5 close! I guess you have a hard #3 so be a little patient, keep that 'Must close' attitude and you'll succeed in your goal.

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What a difference a few millimeters can make!

I set my 2.5 which was closed in my previous workout from 20mm to 25mm, and my closes went from 5/5 right handed and 4/5 left handed to

1/5 right handed and 0/5 left handed.

I'm working with the grippers about once every 3 days, is some warming up, then 5-6 single attempts with a choked gripped enough

work for that amount of time off? If not, what else should I be incorportating? Appreciate any advice you guys can offer....

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