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Help Me Close The Coc #2


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Hey guys. Well my name is Ramiz, and im 16. I want to close the #2 CoC gripper, but i dont feel like im moving anywhere. Would a high volume workout help me out? A 5x5 workout? Something. I want to certify the #3 by next year if possible.

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Hey Ramiz,

I'm 16 too so I can relate the issue. By now, the #2 shuts for me like a friggin castagnet. Work with the #1 till you can

noset close it comfortably for a couple reps, then jump into closing the #2 with both hands and doing negatives with one hand.

You can also push it shut with the helping hand immediately after you grip starts to give out in the closed position and

force your hand into bearing this kind of pressure. This is, mostly, what helped me closing the 2. That, and severe negatives

with the Number 3, but CAREFULLY. There is LOTS of stuff to read on severe negatives on here. best regards and best of luck

in conquering the 2 man. By the way, its worth the effort, once you can close the 2, the 1 feels like a sponge. like a toy.

Give it hell,

Volko Krull

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mix up your grip work. being focussed and having an end goal is great, but training all aspects of grip WILL increase crushing power.

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For me rep routines did absoutly nothing. I once worked up 22 full reps with my #2 ,not partials, and still could not close my #3. However I just completed the KTA program and am giving it a little rest before I test myself, but during my last week on the program I was closing my #4 to the width I use to close my #3 before starting the program. Just look at the testominals from the KTA program and that should convinence you. Best of luck.

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I like giving people a hand with this kind of problem because some did that for me and it helped me alot. I learned quite alot by asking the same kind of questions. However it helps to know what you are doing now as training. Without this information it's hard to give advice.

The basics (according to me) for closing bigger grippers are quite simple:

- Train when you feel strong, if you are weaker than you're previous workout you need more rest.

- Try to train every 3rd day i.e; train rest 2 days train again

- Go all out and make sure you get the most intense workout possible, I mean totally destroy those hands, hands and forearms are like the calves, they are hard gainer muscles, they need intensity.

- work your thumbs with wood clamps or pinching block weights, plates etc..IMPORTANT weak thumbs will hold you back.

- I you want strength, then train for strength (5 rep maxs and less, not 5 reps..5 reps MAXs)...

- Dont ever just close the gripper, crush it like a madman like you want to dent the handles!!

There are many different techniques out there like heavy negatives, BFN, choker closes, coin holds etc. how to integrate all off them to your training is quite a pain in the A"#$ and i personally dont think it's necessary until you reach the #3 and beyond. Simply because i did not need them to shut the 3 myself and i shut that thing 6 months after touching a gripper for the first time. All i did was what i mentioned above. But many stronger grip guys than me swear by them so by all means experiment. I am eventually going to integrate double overhand deadlifts and rack pulls to my training because i think i need an extra edge to progress to the 3.5 and 4.

Strength involves the CNS. It's what kicks all the muscles into overdrive so i believe that if you also squat heavy or deadlift heavy you will train that CNS to be more responsive and this should help your grip.

Well thats it for now...keep grippin'

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Hey guys. Well my name is Ramiz, and im 16. I want to close the #2 CoC gripper, but i dont feel like im moving anywhere. Would a high volume workout help me out? A 5x5 workout? Something. I want to certify the #3 by next year if possible.

Mix it up a little as others have said, but with grip training, I like to go really to the extreme. Even beyond five by five. If you have the Captians of Crush book, you'll read about Nathan Holle's routine. I base mine on his. Here's what I do (sometimes I also do a few no-set reps with the #1 beforehand to keep my NS ability strong, I don't wanna become like a field goal kicker that can't kick 'em beyond 40 yards).

Heavy Grip Portion

Four sets of singles with a gripper that I either can barely close inconsistently or can't close at all, but can get reasonably close to closing (for example, I wouldn't be working with the #4 now, since I can't quite close the #3). In almost all cases, I use a deep set, better known here as a mash monster set or parallel set (down to 1" or 3/4"), but sometimes an intermediate set (around 1 1/2" between the handles).

Light Grip Portion

Three sets of singles with a gripper that I can fairly easily close, very rarely will I have a miss in this portion (if so, I try that rep again with a narrower set), I usually use either a shallow set (the width of a credit card but without the credit card), no set, or a table no set. Sometimes I do a few reps here, but only if I'm closing it no set and holding it for a crazy long time.

I began grip training in 2005, but in late 2006 an injury from attempting a bend of a nail much bigger than I should've attempted set me back for a long time. But in that time, I was expirimenting until discovering this after a few months when I bought that book, and then I adopted this and not only did it work but it worked great. I went from just barely closing the #1 in September of 2005 to almost closing the #2 (closing the BB Master, 1.8 gripper, though) by late 2006, an injury set me back as I said, I did a grip workout in 2007 to attempt to get back into it but couldn't find the drive, then in mid-2008 I began grip training big time again. By late 2008, I was back where I was, but 2009 mostly was a year of misery for me, then I discovered that I wasn't holding the gripper right that August, then in September of 2009 I closed the #2, in January of this year I closed the BB Super Master (a 2.3 or 2.4 gripper) and just last week I closed the BB Grand Master (a 2.6 or maybe at most 2.7 gripper for me, but I have an easy Grand Master and a bear of a #3 and #4 compred to normal, rendering my Elite 3.2 in comparison, and the Elite is supposed to be a 3.5).

But remember that different things work for different people, so my routines might not work for you, but I'm always glad to help whoever I can whenever I can.

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Hey guys. Well my name is Ramiz, and im 16. I want to close the #2 CoC gripper, but i dont feel like im moving anywhere. Would a high volume workout help me out? A 5x5 workout? Something. I want to certify the #3 by next year if possible.


What does your training look like now and what grippers are you using (brand, level)?

How long have you been training with grippers?

Based on this information we can figure out a way to train so you can close the #2.

You will close the #2 CoC gripper - with some guide and consistent training from your part - not to worry!

I look at the CoC #2 now and I think it's a pretty easy gripper that any person can master, no matter what training background they have.

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