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Wade's Blob Gip Gaunlet 2010


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Well for about six years now ever since the first time at seeing Wade's pinch video and going to the Arnold I've wanted to lift that blob. I've tried every year kept telling myself I was going to get it and that this would be the year that I would actually train for it. Well niether of those really ever happened. Last year I got it but dropped it. This year after my second trip thru Friday I Finally Got It! Wade was not there to watch but Karl and Brad were. But out of Josh Dale, John Eaton, Bob Sundin, and MY Bother. No one had a camera running so I have no tape. They all watched me pick it hold it in amazement and lay it back down but no film ARGGG! Nick told me he didn't film because he didn't expect me to get it I told him I said I was going to he said "you always tell me that". So I did it my strict training regime of not training worked how I don't know but I got it. So next year I guess it's video and maybe see if my left can catch up. Or maybe try to train and do all 3 instead of just 2 we'll see next year. Thanks to the Gillingham's for putting up with everyone for the weekend so I had a chance and to Wade for giving me something to shoot for.See ya next year.

I just read this and it's pretty sad that I'll think about training for the grip gaunlet somethings not right there huh.

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congrats on the blob lift stew just add that to your other accomplishments

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MONSTER feat Stew! This blob was SLICK, slick to the point of if you haven't tried it, you have no idea slick. It's not a fat man just stupid slick. Stew picked it up and just held it so I guess liquid grip works :D Just as a comparison, my best effort was mid shin or so and Saturday night I picked up a York fat man at Nick's, held it, looked Eaton in the eye, shook my head, and put it back down. VERY strong Stew :bow

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I did the medium (making out I'd never done this before but Wade and Karl knew who I was LOL) I kept the shirt but threw Zach the rest (I can't spend the bucks in a UK shop). Zach then comes along and does the same so he'll be sweet in GNC supps for a while. And yeah their Blob is slick.

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