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A Scaler's Lack Of Wisdom.


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My training is quite erratic and insufficient. But I have the great fortune of having a work which during stretches of time I got nothing to do. So during this downtime I try to get myself a bit of training and flexing. However, as I said in my introduction post, training seriously is quite a new thing for me. Due to this I have not had the diversity I should have had, especially in training opposing muscles. However, this is currently undergoing a change.

I do not do a fixed number of sets or repetitions, rather I close grippers or flex the rubber bands until I reach a point where I feel I need to stop.

The amount of times a week I do gripper training depends quite a bit on the work schedule I have from week to week. So sometimes it's almost every day and then I might take a three-four day break. I stretch and flex my hands regurlarly every day (which now after a couple of weeks feels great) and I am currently on the look for some more finger exercises which I can do.

So.. A typical working day in a scalers life.

Gripper - CoC Trainer, usually 15 repetitions with each hand.

Gripper - CoC #1. 5 reps with each hand, regular or negative ones (I think that's what they're called).

Pinching/thumb - Pinching five kilos worth of paper. Recently got a pony clamp as well that I've started using.

Extensor work - Rubber bands usually and a paracord bracelet for a more isometric version. Is this called extensor work? When you do the opposite motion of pinching/gripping?

Wrists - Alot of flexing and stretching, plate curls with paper bundles. Plus I use a 3m long stick alot of the time so I try and use it in a manner that will help me build strength.

I also do some exercises at home. I will complement this post with them when I have taken the time to read up a bit about those exercises so I can describe them in english.

For the future. I do not plan to go to any gym and I do not plan to build myself a conventional gym at home. Instead I will be making my own odd equipment as I go along. Indian clubs, farmers walk equipment, pinch blocks and I've been oogeling a heavy rope for some time.. But of course, the highest priority, yank my own collar and put together a working and good training schedule.

Peace, out.

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Fine !

Extensor work - Rubber bands usually and a paracord bracelet for a more isometric version. Is this called extensor work? When you do the opposite motion of pinching/gripping? YES, it is.

Kettlebells are also great and don't take any place.

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Now I have started focusing on negatives with the #2 and "snappy and hard" closes with the #1. Other than this I'm doing exercises with my sledgeaxe, wet towels and other nifty stuff.

I have closed the #2 on one occasion (much to the disgruntle of a rather buff truck driver that couldn't:-)). But after that I've always been that frustrating 1mm away from shutting the damn thing. But hey.. On my second resting day now so who knows what'll happen tomorrow.

I can now close the 1,5# consistently, rather easyish with the right hand but it's still a struggle with the left.

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No walking except for work. 6,5 hours sleep.

Shaolin session nine. Back and neck feels better and better. Less pain and stiffness expecially in my neck.

Choked #2,5. Still can't close it with my left hand. Wider than paralell choke, 2,5 cm.

Choked #3. I think I closed it with my right hand, and actually held it :O. First time if so. Lefty is a nono. Tight choke, 9-10 mm.

Extenders, found some good rubber bands, a bit to long but works alright.

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Walked a bit.

Shaolin session nine.

Bad sleep.


Walked alot

Shaolin session ten.

Decent sleep.

The meat is in the grave.

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