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Italian Newbie--guinness World Record & Bending


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hello to all,i'm new here and because this forum is mainly about hand strength i will post in this log only my hands training along with my bending practice and with one wrist strength guinness world record set by paddy doyle that i want to smash:MOST PUSHUPS ON BACK OF HANDS IN 1 MINUTE WITH A 40 POUNDS BACKPACK ON MY BACK....i'm also training for another 2 more difficults records...basically i'm a light guy and my main focus on training is to put up a good amount of both strength and conditioning/endurance.

to give you some info about me,i'm 5.7 in height an i weight 175 pounds,i'm a former greco roman wrestler,some of my best are:

-355 lbs raw squat (one year ago)

-462 lbs raw deadlift (one year ago)

-295 lbs raw bench

-50 strict reps of neck raise with a neck harness with attached a 44 punds plate

some bodyweight records:

@500 hindu squat in 14 minutes and 1000 in 30 minutes

@12 handstand pushups

@25 dead hang chiunps

@300 back of hands pushups in 9 minutes and 30 seconds

@17 back of hand pushup in 1 minute with a 44 pound plate on my back

@holding the wrestler bridge position for 6 minutes and 20 seconds

@holding the wrestler bridge position for 1 minute with 100 pounds on my chest

finally some about bending/hand strength:

#50 penny nail bent in 20 second

#4 40 penny nail bents in 90 seconds

#1 frying pan bent in 2 minute

this is my basic routine about hand strength/bending:

-i choose every day,7 days a week,2 exercise for hand/forearm strangth and perform these,just one set each,near failure (for example one day hanging on a chinup bar and pinch grip work and the other reverse wrist curl and wrist curl both with a chest expander)

-2 times a week i bent nails before other exercises,i usually start with a nail that i can bent and i go up until i can't bent more.

@i do weighted back of hands pushups 4 days a week trying to do a decent amount of reps in 1 minute without killing me;after i do a back-off set,i leave my backpack and with just my bodyweight i trye to do the biggest amount of back of hands pushups in 5 or 10 minutes.

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Welcome to the site and congrats on your PR's & good luch with your Guiness Record atttempt. There is a section of this board just for steel bending, you may find it interesting considering you are already bending some nails.

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You are strong as all wrestlers.

I have met this year in medjugorje an italian guy who astonish me. He is 18years old greco roman wrestler,member of italy national team.Category under 55kg,tall about 165-170cm, and he can bench press 110kg. Aparently,a 2xbw bench is what they are trying to achive and after that they just maintain that strength, they are not trying anymore to increase it.

It is amazing to have 2xbw bench(for someone who also train legs),but crazy if weightlifting is secondary in training.

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impressive stuff there, look forward to reading more about your training

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thank to all!!!!!sincerely i'm very happy to have found a lot of nice guys in this forum (in the italian forums the thigns are totally different)...like i said here i post just my nail bending and my training for the guinness world record but i'm happy if i can post also others informations about bench pressing,running ecc...also i think to post some videos in the future.

for the question about wrestler and bench pressing:yes the myth about benching double bodyweight is true among italian wrestlers...if all will be good in 2011 i also will be able to bench a similari weight (in my case 160kg)...apart from this is important to remember that here in italy we have some of the strongest wrestlers in the world:from giovanni raichevic (italian patriot during the ww1 who pressed 330 lbs in a wrestler bridge position) to andrea minguzzi (gold medal in the last olympics under the 180 lbs division).

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