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Hello, My name is christian I am going to be playing soccer this august and part of the requirements is a 13 minute 2 mile run.

I have been focusing mainly on strength through out June following a simple deadlift program with some upper body work.

This program require me to lift 3X a week which has been kinda wiping me out but I have enjoyed it and put on a few pounds of body weight.

I would like to cut down my lifting to 2X a week then conditioning 1X a week so I can make that 2 mile run possible (Never been a long distance man).

http://www.gripboard.com/index.php?showtopic=32038 here is my training log, I took this last week off. You can find more about me and my training here.

I am still far from being anything less then a beginner and would like to keep strength training into my season which I believe i could manage 2X a week if I eat and sleep properly.

I was thinking my schedule would look like this:

Monday- Soccer 2h, lifting

Tuesday-Soccer or hockey

Wednesday- Off day, more mobility work on this day and quick thing of conditioning (Burpees or a run)

Thursday- Lifting, Soccer Game

Friday- Soccer 2h

Weekend Off

-Monday lifting wise would look like this-

Squats 5X5 protocol (2 warm up sets, 3 work sets) Increase 5-10 pounds each week

Bench 5X5 protocol same as squats

Power Cleans 5X3 Increasing weight each week

Gut work, and Grip work afterwards (+pull ups)

-Thursday lifting wise would look like this-

Sumo Deadlifts 5X5 Pyramid to top Increase 5-10lbs each week

Seated Press 5X5 Protocol

Hise Shrugs X20 1 heavy set

Gut work, and Grip work (+Pull ups)

The sports and Wednesday cover the conditioning, Monday/Thursday cover strength training and hitting all the major muscle groups

Any adjustments anyone would recommend!?!

Mobility work for me is Z-health level 1 Neural warm up and some stretches

:rock Thank you in advance for your help

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