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Chris, I saw your article in MILO with your lifts. I think I asked this before, so if you answered I apologize for missing it and asking again. Have you ever considered competing in Strongman?

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Hello Wannagrip,

I have not seen Milo yet, but i have competed in strongman in the past but not with much luck i'm afraid.Last year i won the first event which was the log press and in the second which was the farmers walk with two 130kg cylinders i twisted my ankle whilst running for the line.

It's the second time i've taken a tumble in the farmers walk, i guess i'm too clumsey for the event.

My respect for these strongmen competitors is great , they really are tremendous athletes.

It's no good just being strong in the gym surroundings.

I will give it another try though and this time i will try and practice some of the events.I now have farmers walk cylinders to practice with that my friend made for me ,perhaps with practice i can stay on my feet next time !!

Thank you for asking


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Very Cool :cool to hear you are interested in strongman chris.This is very exciting news to me! :stuart

It is -next to NHB fights and boxing(in that order :whacked ) the most exciting sport on the planet.

AWESOME news!!!!

AFTER strong man comes the NFL then the NBA.....I'm just a fan of the freakiest of athletes....(love 'real' wrestling too but good luck finding that on the telly) :angry:

I've flipped a tire or two and played with a few implements myself but want/need to get core/base power up before getting serious.You already have THAT so it's(as you already know) practice,practice,practice.....it has of course evolved into a 'sport'....it used to be just a bunch of strongguys got invited and were given some oddball lifts to overcome...NOW it's specific training...I have only watched the OLD WSM on tape but I sort of miss that old concept...i.e.invite some strong guys and throw some unusual lifts at them.

Goof Luck!

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Tom of Iowa 2,

Are you an NHB fighter? Since your from Miletich land I thought maybe you were a fighter.

dyoder16 :D

Edited by dyoder16
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No,Fan and occasional grappler only.I just want to get strong. :D

I've been up to the Milletich gym with a couple of local guys that go up there and work out.They work out up there -not me.

They lift here in town,do some bag work and then-occasinally- go up there to learn.One of them goes up and goes to the 'ground'sessions and the other guy goes up and does kick boxing and boxing sessions.Actually Stacey Wiegert(the stand boxing up guy)gets in a lot of sparring up there.He works out with Steve Sylvia.Steve is 6'8"and weighs 270.15-0 in NHB fights.Stacey boxes or kick boxes ONLY with steve.....does not go to the ground....Stacey is 6' 1 1/2 and weighs 190 ...

I've grappled both the Local guys and can ...do ok.. :ninja but then I outweigh them both by 60 lbs and was on the mat ..when the were taking their martial arts classes :whacked

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dyoder 16,

i live about 100 miles south of the Milletich gym...I live just east of Burlington and usually work out in Burlington or at home or sometimes drop in at other gyms..our gym has a boxing/martial arts room though.

As you already know..maybe others don't.Milletich Fighting Systems cranks out great pro NHB fighters.Matt Hughes is a current world champ-((trivia:has a greco roman wrestling back ground)) :shifty .Milletich is of course a former lightweight world champion and has fought in many types of NHB matches(not just UFC)he is a darn good straight up kick boxer too- but the ears give away...his background :laugh

Have you seen Lawler fight?was on the undercard of the Shamrock-Ortiz(mismatch)and Hughes defended his world titile that night .

Lawler.Wrestler with an Exciting KO punch(7-0)I think he's just 21 years old.Good grief-exciting fighter.

Of course all these guys have multiple 'skills'.Jujitsu,wrestling/grappling/striking abilities etc. etc.but watch lawler.......wheeeww!power and speed.

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Have you heard of an Alaskan fighter called Jack Sherry , he was unbeaten in his career and they reckon he was one of the strongest of all time.His grip strength was amazing.

How do think Karelin would do against Ortiz ?

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I think if Karelin gets a hold of him it's over. Tito's only hope is to hit and run, unless Karelin runs into stamina problems. I always wondered how strong Karelin really is......I think he is or was off the scale.

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Tom of Iowa2,

I saw Lawler fight in his last 2 UFC appearances. He looked real good the first one, KO'ing that kid. The second one looked like he ran out of steam a little bit, but hung on for a solid decision. He's a good looking young prospect. I met Pat a few times and actually fought on the undercard when he fought Severn a few years ago. I fought two of his fighters when I was still competing. Tough, well schooled fighters.


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Karelin vs. Ortiz?Hard to say... Karelin doesn't have the multiple skills of a Modern NHB fighter BUT....he probably doesn't need them -he is too big too strong and is one of the best wrestlers to ever live?!Once he's grabbed Tito the strength and size(and keep in mind Kartelin is probably the better 'athlete') i think it would be over?

Remember Dan Svern,who is around 40 years of age relied on his Strength and grappling skills.No he's not a world beater anymore.But with just a Just ground and Pound style and basically strength and wrestling skills he over powered people.....keep in mind he IS past his prime..and was a little long in the tooth when he WAS a top dog.He was just too strong for people.I would guess Karelin would be able to succeed-even against a top guy like ORTIZ because of his grappling skills and pure power.He would be like Dan Svern X2 in the strength dpartment? :blink

Karelin did do one exhibition against a top Japanese heavyweight NHB fighter.It ended via the typical Karelin gut wrenching cross body lift which left this lttle(225lb)guy unconcious(i believe)...again it was billed as an exhibition..but there use to be some good photos of it up...It was over quickly.

Tito a former wrestler would probably suffer the same fate?

Karelin said he's never fight like this again and as a national heroe in his homeland (who has been known to be helicoptored into his workouts when the roads in siberia were closed)the UFC probably doesn't have th money to interest him!

Trivia:Jerrry Jones owner of the Dallas cowboys was interested in giving Karelin a tryout for the team.(he was aware of that 86 inch reach and probably saw those tapes tha Dyoder 16 referenced-the speed and agility)Karelins people wanted $100,000 just for the cowboys to take a look at Karelin(a work out?)it never happened.Just dramatizes how expensive this guy could be... :cry This was just for a tryout??A real fight?Heck the guy is like Royalty...... :whacked But I'd put him against anyone in the world even now..he's NOT as OLD as he looks...but a little past his prime.

Dyoder 16 < < -was that the bore-snore(no disrespect)where Pat at 172lbs fought Svern 260- to a draw?

That IS cool you were on the undercard....I grapple and will practice with the guys- but a REALfighter?WOW.Stacey-guy who goees up to pats- is teaching me to box...but its a slow process especially with spending most of my energy on lifting.

Lawler won by KO on the Ortiz-Shamrock card.They say he's in better shape.Exciting anyway.Time will tell.

My friend (Stacey)fought Lawler in stand up 'toughman' contest once...this was when stacey weighed 170 and now Stacey's up to -lean-190....Lawler beat him in the toughman(decision) but it was more over powered him and was too busy....They haven't spared or fought since though.Like I said...poor stacey always gets stuck with Big Steve Sylvia'in their sparring sessions.(stacey recently won state golden gloves championship so he's concentrating on boxing)Steve Sylvia-at 6'8",ironically is a standup specialist too when he fights.......but obviously CAN and does go to the ground.


The Octagon wouldn't let Tito hit and run for long(my opinion)and I think Tito -despite all his skills and speed-again,is NOT the athlete that Karelin is and he was a collegiate wrestler first...when in trouble we go to what we know... I think Karelin would get ahold of him.

Last thought Dan the beast Svern mad life miserable for a lot of fighters with his size and strnegth and wrestling/grappling skills....Karelin as a fighter?good grief.

And maybe he remembers how to box...the first skill he learned.

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Guest Harlan Jacobs

Asking someone from Iowa if they are a grappler is like asking someone from Indiana if they play Basketball. Karelin vs. Tito, wow, While I don't like Tito, he is tough. But!!!!!!!!!!!!! Karelin is a freak of nature. Ii have to give the nod to Karelin. Bob Sapp looks great against guys that are 100 lbs lighter than him. Alot of potintial, but no ground game and no stamina. Tom of Iowa, what's your take on Tank.He grags about his power. Frankly, I think he is full of it. I know one of my old training partners train BJJ on northern Indiana. Dan Severen came in and trained with the guys that run the place when he was in town. When ask about Tank, he said he is weak ! Now any good grappler will give a strong guy his props. Any coments ? How did we get on this topic anyway ?

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I think Tank is bragging about his 'punching power'.not his strength or wrestling power.just an opinion but Tank is an explosive puncher-perhaps even a 'natural' hard puncher.. 'heavy hands'some guys have em and they aren't always very 'strong'....he's a big guy and has that inate ability to throw a punch with KO power but isn't necesarily very strong on the ground...and on the ground even with 40 year old severn his KO punching 'power'is negated and he doesn't have the ability to use leverage and/or move around. like a wrestler....on the other hand if your at the end of Tanks extended punch..... :blink ..we might rethink things :D

A lot of big punchers aren't really physically strong..(some are )..some aren't..in the gym YOU would bury Mike Tyson on the weights... but punching??..even though you're "stronger" than Tyson "fogitaboutit"....and by the same token punching power doesn't make a guy ANY good on the ground.Tank is like an explosion waiting to happen but if you notice he winds down and runs out of gas but he IS dangerous until he's defused :whistel (tired) So Tank does have punching 'power'that he brags about and may even be pretty strong in the gym but on the ground he isn't able to use any of it and perhaps doesn't have any ground 'skills'.

I think Tank is smart at marketing himself and his 'image' and a comeback may earn him some good money.He's hardcore and has the wild man image...the Fans love him or they love to hate him.

Let me clarify this..he IS a pro- he is tough i sure as heck wouldn't fight him....but he does know how to work the crowd doesn't he? :inno Love him or hate him.

I think Sapp has to jump on you and end it pretty quick..I think(someone told me0that he broke his arm in his last fight?He is what 2 wins 1 loss??Maurice Smith(former UFC champ and kick boxing champ) is a good trainer..but also a good business man..Is Sapp for real?might be more of a marketing gimmick....or even a away to get Sapp a big WWE contract?i.e.the no holds barred reputation PLUS sapps size and physique would make a MORE marketable WWE character??

It'll take someone tougher than me to find out...but he might(might not)be more about marketing..

ya know what ..just to get back to grip...Sapp probably ok in the grip depta?he grabbed his first opponents neck/face and then pounded him out.takes a big strong mitt to hold an uncooperative opponent like that!! ;)

i think we got on the subject when i said i was a NHB fighting fan..then boxing then strongman...

Hey Harlan..speaking of Indiana..Do you know the Pumphrey brothers?Big bad Martial arts and apparently grip guys FROM indiana?Very Impressive the other night(4 AM!!)on TV.

See my other post on ISKA championship on ESPN>>>

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Check you local TV listings or TV guide...(ESPN or ESPN2)I'm sure the ISKA creative breaking championships will eventually be on at a decent hour so you can see it.If I tape it- I'll let you know.Those Pumphrey brothers were IMPRESSIVE!(all the guys were)

Iowa..more wrestlers per capita than any other state!?Just kidding- i don't have that factoid.What else is there to do?

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Cool ,

Thats craig pumphrey,they listed him at 6'3"245.He's the little one.His BIG brother,Paul, weighed 286 and was noticebly bigger......Well at least Harlan can see his fellow Indianan now.

We have a guy that works out here,John Earle, that Rolls up frying pans and breaks Baseball bats too,He's 6' 5 1/2 and weighs 300.4 years NFL and 1 year CFL.Not a martial arts guy though.I think John broke like 10 baseball bats in a minute?(with strength not strikes).Funny thing is he's way down the pecking order for hand and wrist strength?

For you grip officiandos is that Frying pan in 30 seconds a record?or is it close?or is it fast at all?

With some of Guiness world Records other listings i kind of wonder about what 'their'records mean :whacked

That Nesser guy claiming the biggest arms..and biggest chest ...ever photographed through a fish eye lens is funny......or did they take that picture in a funhouse mirror..sheesh :stuart

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Guest woody36


Dennis Rogers rolls pans with one hand the other

holding the pan itself,in around ten seconds!

It's done in one continuous effortless movement,a real

thing of beauty.

In the time it took Craig to do one with two hands,i think

Dennis would have cleared 3 and just started his fourth!

I think going for time,Dennis could probably roll a pan in 8-9


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WOW! I've read about frying pan rolling before, but had never seen it. That is amazing! Is there a standard for type of pan? Not all pans are created equal. Not that it's makes it any less amazing, I am just curious.

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Not taking anything away from Pumphrey- of course- but it just shows ya that the Guiness World Book of Records doesn't always look very far on their "stength"research.

I've watched our own local guy-John Earle-Roll one up and like i said he's not much in the grip dept.and it doesn't take very long.

Of course what craig does is way beyond any of this.As his agent I would suggest he call THE gUINESS PEOPLE UP.

Adam,I'm not an expert but John just goes to Walmart and will buy up a bunch of them..nothing special.he told several of us that he could show US how to do it...and though that several of us COULD do it.

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