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Getting Stronger Or Getting Weaker?!


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OK, so ive been working out with MD Gladiator Grips for about a couple months now and i can close the 200 pound no problem. It gets easier and easier, and now i can do about 25 reps with it. However, i do not believe i am getting stronger. I think that the grips i ordered lose spring power rather quickly because a few months ago i let my dad try it out and he could cloe it three times. I just gave it to him today and he could close it about 8 times. I dont think he got stronger by doing nothing, so i was wondering if anybody could help me out, perhaps someone who has MD Gladiator Grips of their own or someone who has CoC because I need to know if its natural for hand grippers to lose their tension.

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This is called seasoning when grippers lose their tension. This happens to all hand grippers. Some grippers barely season at all, while others season massively. If you don't like your grippers seasoning (really, who likes it when their gripper gets soft?) you should buy Tetting or Beef Builder grippers. COC also doesn't season too much either. I know HG400s have been known to season down to the tension of an HG300.

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But seriously, don't worry too much about it. You WILL get stronger from closing the gripper even if it does get softer. My BC400 seasoned pretty bad but it was still hard and I gained a lot of strength from doing negatives with it.

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