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Leg Routine For A Beginner


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As pathetic as it is for me to say it, I have had a tendency to neglect my lower body due to my armwrestling specific training. I really want to strengthen my lower body so that I am not completely out of proportion. I was on a decent full body program last semester, doing squats, bench, overheads, etc. I want to get back into doing squats and deadlifts, but I really don't know a good way to start. My max squat is embarrassingly low, and it has actually probably dropped since I last worked my lower body (about a month or two ago). I didn't get to do much lower body during Christmas break due to lack of training facility. However, I'm back at school with a gym. I was going to start out by doing a few weeks of 3 x 10 at a weight I can manage, and then plunge into a smolov cycle using my old squat max for percentages. I started to think this might not be such a good idea. Can anyone help me out with a good starting strength plan for entire lower body? Squat, DL, calves, quads, etc. I don't want to start with something that i came up with myself that may not yield good results.


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Squat Squat Squat. That's the main thing to do... The thing to make sure of though since you're just starting back up is to not let ego get in the way. I was doing some really high poundages on my squat until I realized I wasn't getting the depth I wanted... I had to drop a ton of weight to bang out the same volume at a much deeper squat.... It's been worth it though.

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20 rep squats. Do it. Be happy. You'll be glad you did! Look in my workout routine for the basic routine. It has done wonders for me! :cool

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