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It's been a while since I've posted. It's been awhile since I've lifted or worked out aside from working. I reckon working is physical enough as it is tho.

Drew up a lil abbreviated program. Pretty simple. I do an upper body push, upper bpdy pull, and a big lower body movement everyday. For the most part, its one set to failure followed by some heavy stretching. Each day has a dominant movement, where I do two of those exercises. Abs and cardio, neck and stretching done post-workout.

Tuesday- Push workout

Ring Dips- My weakest exercise, got six reps, then about a severn or eight second negative and stretch at the bottom.

Military Press- 95 pounds for twelve very good reps, move up to 105 next monday. Tricep and shoulder stretches.

Chinups on rings Only got ten reps with BW, might wait to stretch shoulders next time, and rest a lil b4 doing chinups. Bicep and lat stretches.

Stiff-legged Deadlifts 225 for eight reps, done slow, negatives in particular, to try and focus on keeping my back straight.

Hung off a pullup bar with 20 pounds off my feet for a couple minutes, wiggling out my back. Felt good.

Basically, first exercise is low reps, 4-8. When u get to eight, u add weight. second exercise is 8-12, thats why im adding weight, same with third exercise, and last exercise is not done quite to failure, and goes by feel.

Abs done in circuit, neck bridging with kettlebell to finish.

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Oyea, just so I remember, on this day, 1/20/09, I weighed in at 153.5 pounds this morning in the nurses office. My blood pressure is 118/64, and i have been 9 days without a cigarette. Friggin go me.

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5 reps with 45 lbs hanging off, hung at the top for awhile, seems like heavy pullups work my abs good.

Still too weak. :(

Turkish Getups

Too many to count both sides with my 24kg kettlebell. She's served me well in my time with her.

And thats pretty much it aside from carrying the old lady around a lill bit, and if carrying her was a workout, I think i'd be on the hunt for a new lil lady.

Note: Squats on Friday.

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Mostlt kettlbell and BW workouts in the past evenings. I like doin it like this because I can workout inside. Concentrating on pullups, kettlebell presses, pistols, turkish getups, swings, snatches, and various ab work. A lot of swings and turkish getups mainly.

Gonna set the rings up inside too

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havent posted in awhile, been training in the evenings with my kettlebell. This last week and a half i have realy been focusing on pullups, gtg at work especially, with very short rest periods, which are aactually active rest. The other night i did 14 pullups not quite to failure, then after about a minutes rest did twelve, which was the last good rep i could do, and i shouldve stopped shorter of that. These are done as "tactical" pavel-style pullups. This afternoon i have been doing one arm pullup training, and so far i have managed to completey pull my self up for two reps with my right arm while using quite literally the tip of my pinky on my free arm for assistance. un assisted i have pulled up about four inches before stalling while standing on my kettlebell, i.e about four inches higher than normal start. I have always wanted to master this skill and hopefully after some more of this practice, ill get it soon. After i get it, its on to work dominantly on ring dips.

Question: anybody else get sore in their triceps after doing pullups pavel-style, or in other words, pulling urself as high as biomechanically possible? I wonder if the triceps activate at the very top bc of the levers on the body. abs also noticeably get sorer after practicing body tension in pullups, i think ima become another pavel-follower lol

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