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Arrogance at it’s best


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Compared to some lifting schemes, I didn't think I did that much, but writting it all out, it looks like too much.   :crazy  

* anotates emphasis for the day's work out.


   Active Rest, stress ball and sand-grabbing, stretching



   Rolling Thunder, *

   2.5” Wrist Roller,

   Sledge Play

   Plate Pinches


   Bench, *


   Incline Press

   Hammer Curls


   100m Sprints *


   Active Rest, stress ball and sand-grabbing, stretching



   Bending!!!  Attempt PR for Nail size.  *

   Sledge Play

   90min of Jiu-Jitsu


   Shoulder Press  *

   Bent Over Rows

   Weighted Pull-Ups

   Triceps Work

   Plate Pinches



   Slow 9-Mile-Run

   Squats  *

   Partial Dead Lifts

   Farmers Walk

Every Day and/or Any Day: (when I feel like it)

   Bend and Straighten 3/8”-1/2” HRS Bar, 20”-36”.

   Captains of Crush (+ various IronMind products)

   Bend 6” Spiral Nails (almost daily)

   Shoulder + Walk with 200lb Sand Bag  *

   Clean + Press 100lb Sand Bag  (daily)

   Push-Ups + Sit-Ups. (daily)

   Rope Climbing



   Lift 2.5” or 2.8” Plate Loaded Dumbbell


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