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Darko's Log.


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Just got back to 5x5 from a month with 4-split.

Here it goes.

Monday 05.01.2009

Squat : 70kg

Bench : 70kg.

Barbell Bent-over Row : 70kg.

Dips : 3 x F

Damn, im all 70kgs. Well, i did it easy today, to get used to the 5x5 routine.

I must say it felt damn good today. Its been a long time since i've squated, and i love it!

I also did a few bends. Most blues. And i tried to screw the fryingpans, wich really killed my hands. Nice workout.


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Onsdag 07.01.2009

Squat (rest day) : 60kg.

P.press : 45kg.

Deadlift : 80kg.

Chins : 3xF.

Today was a great day. Im taking it easy with the deadlift. Dont wanna Four score and seven years ago I am the MAN because I swear and I want everyone to know how manly I am by using profanity. up my back after all these squats.

I did some extra sets with Shrugs, Arnoldpress, wristcurls and reverse EZ-Curls. Damn, was at the gym for 2.5 hours. Great :D

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