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How To Put It All Together


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Hello all,

I was wondering how you experienced grip guys put everything together w/o overtraining. This is what my routine looks like now:

Day 1 - Bend Steel, sledge levers, plate pinches. (Today I mixed it up and did wrist curls because of a missed grade 5 attempt - I think levering would of put me over the edge.) Squat 20 reps X 2. (I may increase my bending days but right now it is taking a whole week for my hands to recover.)

Day 2 - Off

Day 3 - Full body isometrics in office. (Maybe not quads depends on how they feel.) Work on grippers. Rip or try to rip a deck of cards. Pony clamps and elastics for extensors.

Day 4 - off

Day 5 - Bench press - 3 sets with last set being 2-3 rep max. Squats 1 set X 20. bentover rows 2 sets. (I may transition to deads, but it is too much right as I need to rehab an hamstring injury.)

Day 6 - off

Day 7 - off

My goal is to gain strength for bending and gripping. I have some experience in the iron game, but am still very new to the grip world. Just want to know what you guys do. I am a slow healer thus I take a few days more days off than most. What are you suggestions?



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I'm not very experienced either at the grip world, but I'd say not to do many sets per exercise if your muscles need enough rest(not counting the warm up, 2 sets per exercise is enough for me, nowadays ). In fact, with lesser sets, you could train again sooner(or give your muscles enough rest to blast through each training session).

Just my humble opinion.

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I train my grip totally apart from my regular weight lifting. I never lump it all into one workout. Usually, I do my grip training a few hours later after I lift.

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