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Superficial Pain With Pushing


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Hey all!

For my baseball workouts in the mornings, we push "boxes" for our leg strength and conditioning (just think of thick plywood boxes). The smallest one is probably 2.5'X2.5'X2.5' and the largest one is tough...weighs as much as a Volkswagen Beetle! It is easy 4'X4'X4'...all boxes have carpet on top and bottom for difficulty...we push them on hardwood.

My problem is that when I push the big box, I feel pain superficially on one trap muscle...only one side always. Just think of pushing a weight sled but my arms are usually higher than what you would have with a sled. We have to stay low as to not tip them (we go as fast as possible and if we tip them over, we do more)...

Anyone have any ideas why it's hurting? It feels exactly like getting stung by a bee...

I'm sorry about my jumbled explanation of this scenario...it's tough for me to explain...

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Can anyone help me?

Travis your description is hard to work with, but i have a few thoughts

#1, uneven hand positioning. i am sure you think about this before you set up, but i wonder if one is moving out of place while you shove

#2 Unpacked shoulder- you need to keep them sucked in and pushed down away from the ears. If you can not feel the lats contracted your wrong.

#3 some level of impingment which is brought out by the position of the arms while you push.

#4 tight upper back muscles

If it hurts when there is no rigth reason for it to hurt, it is time to change the plan. Why not just pull it, or do some walking presses? there are a million sled drills. Do not let this deter you from using it. I think sleds are one of the most versitile (spelling, dont know dont care) tools you can use. Cheap and effective.

Check out Smitty and Jedds Sled book!

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Travis, make sure you adhere to #2 above. It certainly sounds as though your trap muscle is spasming, possibly through compression whilst under load from the box. Looking back all my life I've had my shoulders up around my ears when I've had to put any grunt into anything, and now I'm paying for it.

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