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In The Grip Of Death

tight five

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Sorry for the corny title. Just thought I'd report my grip training

Have now moved past the HG200 as I was pretty easily closing it for sets of 15. 1st week on the HG250 so I am gently working into it before hitting it hard next week. Current routine is 3 closes, 2 inverted closes and a 10 sec negative each hand done twice. Follow that with some stretching of the hand/wrist and contrast running under the tap.

Next week I might add some pinching into the equation for variety....watch this space

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Todays grip work

AM HG250 3 full closes (set), 2 inverted closes then 10 sec negative

Both done each hand twice

2 handed pinch 20kg, 2 x 10 lifts


Same pinch work as AM, no grippers

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Changed up the rationale and methodology of my training today. I plan not only to 'beat' the grippers I use but to really dominate them. With that in mind I have dropped back to the HG200 this week for a week of entirely volume training. I plan on doing 5 days straight then the weekend off. This is based on a bit of info I have read on the board and the fact that I don't really want to start attacking heavier grippers until I spend some time getting familiar with what I have to do to get them closed, if you know what I mean.

I will train to do as many squeezes of the HG200 I can do in a normal and inverted fashion throughout the day, with a little bit of pinching thrown in. I am experienced enough to recognise overtraining when I see it so I will not be pushing myself to the point of injury but at the same time challenging myself.

So day 1

Today, throughout the course of the day, I did a total of 410 closes, 330 inverted closes and 8 overcrushes (10 secs each hand) on the HG200

In the AM I also did 2 x 10 pinches with 20kg of weight plus 10 sec static hold.

I feel the hand and fingers callousing up nicely already. I also have kept the hands healthy with some stretching and contrast baths

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Today was 225 closes of the HG200 with 135 inverteds and 5 x 10 sec overcrushes throughout the day

Little less than yesterday due to time constraints. Hands starting to callous up quite significantly.

Stretching and contrast baths as well as some lower arm massage ball work

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8 October

HG200 271 close plus 130 inverted and 6 10 sec overcrushes

As expected hands starting to get a little sore but today is BJJ day so no grip work bar some therapy for the hands. Back into it tomorrow. Will move onto the HG250 next week for similiar style volume work, albeit at a lower level

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