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Workout 11-06-02

Guest mg6680

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Today was pinch day.  Started w/2hand pinching w/45s to warm-up then try some farmers walks w/35s.  I was happy as I was able to walk a few steps w/a pair of 35's in each hand (a PR as I've never been able to lift the 35's w/the left).  Went to single hand pinching w/the 35's and a loading pin.  Was able to get a pair of 35's and a 5 but missed on a 10.

Next, I tried a new version of hub lifting.  Sat on a bench, hub pinched a 25 in each hand then did some lateral raises w/them.  I took it all the way above my head as it allowed me to rest a few seconds before bringing them down.  A great exercise as it hit new areas of my hand hard.  Did a few sets of 5 or 6 reps.

Finished the workout by passing a pair of chrome 25's to each hand until failure for a few sets.

Good workout and the lateral raises made my hands feel strong.

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I'm fortunate to train at a pretty good gym.  They tolerate chaulk over the floor etc.  Heck, they even went so far to make a seperate room named, "The Power Pit".  Lifting platforms, bumper plates, the whole shabang.  Many of the plates are old.  The ones I use are tapered at the hub, but rise a good 1/2", allowing a good grasp for the lateral raises.  The chrome plates (Ivanko), are a different story.  For some reason I think these were specifically designed for grip training.  The outside rim is next to nothing and the hub might rise 1/4".  The chrome plating makes the pinch workouts very hard.  Give the laterals a try Harlan - your hands will love you for it.

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Oh yeah, almost forgot.  You'd have loved the gym when it first opened Harlan.  It was named "Billy Jacks", owned by the WWF wrestler Billy Jack Haynes.  It was pretty interesting in those days - my 6'3", 275lbs, feeling real small next to all the local Portland wrestlers.  Lots of screaming and chaulk dust in the air.  Your 315lbs would have fit in real well Harlan.

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Guest Harlan Jacobs

Man I miss training at a real gym. They are hard to find nowdays. Billy Jacks- mmmmmmmmmm   " At the school they tell me to control my temper, and I try , I realy do."

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