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Johan's Training Log


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Hey guys!

I've been a member for some time now but haven't written anything and only checked out Teemu's progress.

So I've now decided to start my own log.

I been training with weights for about 3 years on and off now. Entered a small armwrestling competition last autumn and since then I kind of got hooked on it. Will start pulling at the local AW club soon, but this far I've only entered competitions and I pull at home with some friends who also got hooked on the sport.

I used to do more weights and ordinary weight training but now I train more forearms and hands, things that will get my armwrestling better.

So here is some of the stuff that I've manage so far:

Benchpress 145 kg's

Deadlift 190kg's

Narrow benchpress 105 kg's

Biceps Curl (flat bar) 75 kg's x 5 reps

CoC # 1 x 30 reps (Right hand)

29 reps (Left hand)

CoC # 2 x 12 reps (Right hand)

6 reps (Left hand)

BBSM (Narrow) x 3 (right hand)

(Can't close it with my left)

CoC # 2.5 x 1 (right hand)

My short goal is to manage closing the 2.5 every time I try it. So far I've only done it 5 times. Goal for next year is mms close the coc 3.

What do you guys think I should do? should I just keep trying to close my 2.5 every grip session? even if I sometimes are 2-4 mm from closing it (mms close) or should I try somethink else? I have a hard 2.5 aswell that are choked at 27-28mm witch I can close easy... should I start doing reps with the choked 2.5?


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Nice job on the lifts and grippers! Since you can re your #2, I'll make one suggestion. Strapholds work really well in forcing you to exert more force than necessary to just close the gripper. You can buy straps, or make your own. I use a metal ruler with weight hanging.


There are a ton of other things to have fun with. Just keep reading here, and you'll find more than you can do.

Best of Luck!


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Thanks Alan! I have actually never tried strapholds before so I'll try that later this week...just camed home from an armwrestling competition... first time I entered a pro class. -80kg pro. didn't do that well with left arm but ended 3rd with right.

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