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My Training Log...again


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Well, fell of the training log wagon for a while (work picked back up again, truck driving can make for some long hours) and now I feel that I'm making enough headway to need to chart my progress. It can be difficult to make time for a log when you have so many goals to work on, though I will not allow myself to make any more excuses. How can you progress if you don't truly know where you have come from?

No workout today, other than some Z hand drills and #1 COC 2x5 to warm up for a braced close of the #3. Closed with bracing between thumb and index, removed bracing hand and held it shut for a fast 1-1000 count before it forced my hand open. I'm very happy about this one. I closed it braced 1x3 (@ 2hrs between each close) on Tuesday 7/1 but could not hold the handles together without the brace. I got the #4 a couple 3 weeks ago and am starting KTA next Monday (7/7). My goal is to certify on my birthday in September.

Other than that I have been sticking to kb c+p ladders with the 40 Kg, up to 5 x(1,2,3,4), pull up ladders (concurrent w/c+p, BW+9 Kg, and BW+40 Kg pistols for singles.

I'm getting closer to a full lever with an 8 lb. sledge (@ 2/3 down the handle), and work @80-90% max for singles, doubles, triples, and holds throughout the day. As with the grippers up to this point, no set routine, just going for more when I feel strong and laying off when my elbows feel sore.

Kinda gave up on getting down to 10% bf, performance is more important than cosmetics. Though from a health standpoint I'm positive I can benefit from dropping 15-20 lbs of flab-ola. Plus pull-ups would get a little easier. I'm content to get there over time, I feel good at 230, still fit into a 32" waist, and I keep in mind that it took me over 5 years to get to 280...

Staying away from bending until after I certify on the #3, I found that bending had a negative impact on gripper strength.

And lastly I've decided to shelve hand balancing until next year, the Beast Tamer Challenge and the #3 are plenty for this year.

My most recent PR besides the #3 is a 72 Kg 2 handed Turkish get up, 40 Kg R/32 Kg L.....

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Welcome back, Jesse! I have fallen off the wagon a few times, and am back myself training for the #3 cert. Doesn't it feel great !?! Keep at it, stay injury-free and you should have great success!


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Thanks man!!

1.5 hrs Z health R and I phase drills

5x(1,2,3,4) c+p 40 Kg alternated with matching pull up ladders bw+9 Kg

pistols 3 singles x 40 Kg, 1 x 32 Kg

175 2h swings x 40 Kg

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Felt a little sluggish today.

c+p ladders 5x(1,2) 40 Kg alt w/pull ups bw+9 Kg same ladder scheme

pistols 3x1 40 Kg

KTA!!! I really enjoyed this, though I can tell I'll be losing some skin when the volume gets high.

Warm up:





Main routine:

1x#4 S.O.N

1x#2 OC

1x#4 S.O.N

1x#2 OC

1x#4 S.O.N.

1x#2 OC

TTK 5x1 10 lbs

Built a TTK for the thumb work. Bought a piece of perforated square tubing, and a 2 1/2" cap screw, total cost $13.09, used hardware and angle iron that I already had, took about 45 minutes to make. Works great! I think I'm going to give it to my welder buddy and have him fab one up for me. Less sharp edges that way....

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Welllllllll, had to cease and desist with KTA after 3 weeks due to pain in my right elbow. I surmise that the volume is excessive for me. My right hand got weaker, but my left stronger. I can close the #3 to nearly equal distances on each hand, @3/8" from close unbraced. I have been unable to close the #3 right since starting with the KTA. After another week or 2 I will return to direct grip training the way that I was doing it before, #1 & 2 closes, #3 & 4 negatives plus sledge levers alternated with Z drills.

I have found that with Z I can get more done with less volume, quality over quantity.

Up to 4x(1,2,3,4,5), 1x(1,2,3,4) 40Kg C+P alternated rung for rung with pull ups bw+9 Kg, bw+24Kg for a solid double, scored my first headstand push ups on Tues. 8/5

I may have to sideline the #3 cert for this year, but I'm o.k. with that, no hurry. I am learning to enjoy the process of getting stronger, and taking my time makes me less likely to injure myself. It's not a race....

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I've sidelined the 40 Kg clean and presses for a few weeks in favor of headstand push up ladders. The weight of that iron ball resting on my forearms for that many presses gets annoying after a while. Yesterday saw 5x(1,2) alternated rung for rung with pull ups bw + 24 Kg.

Did Z Health I phase certification training over the weekend, truly amazing. I made noticeable strength and flexibility gains in moments several times throughout the weekend.

ruga buga, thanks for the well wishes!

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