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Help Developing A Grip Program


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I'm developing a grip program for the summer. There's two of us working out. I'm going to be a senior on a D3 football team and the other guy is going to be a senior on the wrestling team. We're decently strong guys (power (no squat) clean 150KG close grip bench 180KG ATG Squat 230KG for me, the other guy is an All American HW wrestler). So far, I've closed a 2.5, rolling thunder 165 lbs (not including the weight of the handle and pin, don't know if that counts), pinched 2 25's. It seems to me that my thumb strength is lagging behind.

We have access to: Full set of grippers (hooray Christmas gifts!), pinch block, thunder, and thick bar.

I was thinking either 2-3 days a week. If two days, then Gripper singles and pinch block one day. Gripper reps and RT the other day, maybe occasionally mixing in Thick bar DL's. For 3 days, maybe Gripper singles one day, pinch block and TB DL's the next, and rolling thunder and gripper reps the next.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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