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Thick Handled Db's


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hey, been a memeber here for a while, but was really only here for a short while.

i havnt trainned since my last post, which by the looks of it was around 2 years ago :( .

over the past 3-4 months i've been thinking of what i want to do and achieve when i get back into the game.

reading what books i got and what training equipment has been littering my garage for 2 years, as well as looking around on the net for things that are appealing to me, i have finally come to descission.

thick handled dumbbells.

a book i got and probally treasure and read the most, is brooks kubik dinosaur training.

reading specifically chapter twelve, thick bars.

brooks talks about how much harder yet rewarding training with thick handled bars are, and also a section on the mind muscle connection when training like this, personally i believe the mind muscle connection comes into play with all aspects of training.

now i've got the idea of what i want to do and i've also got the equipment, a pair of dumbbells the handles the same size as the inch dumbbell, and they weight around 10kg unloaded i reckon.

now for the goal, what do i hope to achieve with this style of training.

well see'ing as i have dumbbells, the handles the same size as the inch, why not make that my goal.

i may never achieve this as im not that strong, but a goal is a goal none the less.

if you havnt got a dream, how are you going to make a dream come true.

lol, think i heard that on a dizzy rascal song. but its true, so much in fact i've stated it to friends who was kinda down on life.

anywho, i got the idea, i got the equipment, i got the goal, now i need to put all this into a big pot of time, sweat, and hard work.

im thinking of doing all the regular movements, just using the thick DB's.

1 handed DL's, 1 handed rows, 1 handed mil/push presses, 1 handed curls.

i'll also be squatting, but i see that more of a recovery thing as it helps preoduce test and strengthens the body.

what i need from ppl though is the help to put all this together to help put me on the right path to achieve my goal, so any help anyone can provide will be a big help for me.



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ok so heres the very simple plan to get started and used to working with the thick bars.

mon day1

squat 5x5

1 handed c+pp 10x1

wed day 2

1 handed row 4x5

1 handed curls 4x5

fri day 3

1 handed dl 10x1

1 handed mil press 5x5

very simple i know but i want to keep it short and sweet to start with to not over work my grip.

any suggetions is welcommed.

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my first thick handled work out.



1 arm row

1x5 @ 25k

1x5 @ 30kg

1x5 @ 35kg

1x5 @ 40kg

on the last set with 40kg's, my right grip nearly gave out on the last rep, the bar wasnt even touching the palm of my hand, just fingers on that last rep.

with my left hand on the last set i had to put it down on the 3rd rep, rest around 10secs or so then finish the last 2.

1 arm curls

1x5 @ 15kg

1x5 @ 17 1/2kg

1x4 @ 20kg with right hand, 1x3 @20kg with left hand.

to much weight to soon with these, my entire arms feel fried now.

i didnt promise anything special just yet, but not to bad a starting point for my first workout. now i got a better idea of what im going to do next wednesday.

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