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My Forearm Workout Routine.


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My name's Jonathan I'm 15, I started forearm training about half an year ago in purpose of getting better in AW. I have had several guitar related wrist injuries in my left arm in this time and had to stop training forearms for long periods of time because of that. I started training with grippers about 4 months ago with the HGs. i can now close a HG250 with my right hand and a 200 with the left.

three days ago i added bending to my forearm workout routine it now looks like this:

4x20 wrist curls (thick bar) - 66 pounds each hand.

4x20 reverse wrist curls - 25 pounds each hand.

15 bends.

chest crushes with HG250.

3x10 lever to front with sledge hammer.

3x10 lever to back with sledge hammer.

4x6 sledge hammer rotations.


25 closes inverted with HG100

20 closes with HG 150

10 inverted closes with HG200

10 regular closes with HG200

3 attempts for HG250 with right hand.

some finger walks on a sledge hammer.

4x25 expand your hand bands red +white.

and contrast baths.

i actually didn't feel it at the forearm muscles after all this so i thought i was fine continuing with this routine on a regular basis. besides it taking a lot of time it felt ok. The next day i had a full body workout (bench presses, squats etc.), at night that day I noticed that every time i bent my left wrist back it makes a popping sound. the day after that I noticed that my left wrist hurt while doing some actions around the house. today it felt better the popping sound stopped and it hurts less.

should i change my routine? or just give my body time to heal and step right back stronger than ever and be fine?

any advice on improving this routine would be great, as you can see i love this stuff and I don't have trouble with putting time in to it.

thanks a lot,


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forgot to mention that in that workout i bent a st. croix forge 0 first time.


theres an image of that in my gallery.

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I doubt that closing grippers will help you with armwrestling.

Thickbar work might be a better choice.

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