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On My Way To Be Strong.

Sean Wanzer

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Hello Everyone. My name is Sean Wanzer, I am 19 years old. I have recently decided that I want to start training my grip. I have lifted weights on and off for a few years, but I am going to start doing that more consistently. I will be posting all of my training here to get advise and feedback. Also to help keep me accountable and to talk with people that are interested in the same things I am. I will begin posting tomorrow.

Sean Wanzer

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I am on week 3 of the current workout program i am on.

week 3, Workout a, Body weight 173


160 3x5


130 3x5

bent over row

130 3x5


bw+10lbs 2x5

10 50yard passes with 115lbs on the weight sled. this was killer

I will be doing some grip work later tonight. Max effort crushing grip and some timed pinch holds. If anyone is interested i will post up my weekly plan right now. or You can just see it unfold as it goes

Sean Wanzer

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Man grippers are really pissing me off. Its really only because my left hand in crushing strength is so much weaker. I hate excuses but it really could be because I broke it pretty severely just a little over a year ago, almost 4 years ago broke my right one almost as bad and it is doing fine. O well. I will just keep plugging away.

3x10 Black gripper (this is a store bought one, I will just be calling it the black one) EH

2x1 coc #1 EH with both hands this was very easy

1x1 coc #1.5 EH same with these piece of cake

1x0 coc #2 LH totally sucked almost an inch away. (I closed this gripper with my left the day I got it bust haven't since)

1x1 coc #2 RH This wasn't easy but I was totally in control

1x0 coc #2 LH same as before

1x1 coc #2 RH even better

1x0 coc #2 LH

1x1 coc #2

couldn't even close the #1 after that with the left.

timed pinch holds

4 5lb weights 39 sec LH pr (my previous best was 25 sec on the 13th)

4 5lb weights 40 sec RH pr (my previous best was 28 sec on he 13th)

4 5lb weights 44 sec LH pr: Timed holds are really improving

4 5lb weights 45 sec RH pr

2 10lb weights 60 sec LH pr (Never done these so i will call it a PR)

2 10lb weights 55 sec RH pr

That was it.

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last night after I posted my gripper workout i did 3x3 with my 1.5 with both hands. Neither one of my room mates can close the #1 and one of them is wanting to start getting into doing some grip training so i was just showing them to him.

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Week 3, workout b, bw 173.5

squat 165 3x5

OHP 75 3x5

double overhand deadlift 195 3x5

barbell curls 55 2x5

10 50 yard passes with 125lb on weight sled

All the weights were supper easy, but weight sled it kicking my butt. I'm lovin it though. haha.

I will be doing some static grip and levering later tonight

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Good work Sean, your hands will start to get healthy again soon, so stay motivated and train smart and you will get where you want to be. Keep posting and good luck with your workouts.

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Good work Sean, your hands will start to get healthy again soon, so stay motivated and train smart and you will get where you want to be. Keep posting and good luck with your workouts.

Thanks, I know its a long road but i want to get there so i am willing to put in the time.

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an improvised vertical bar. I am using an olympic dumbbell handle.

80lbs 3x5 EH

one hand deadlift with an oly bar. (Bar was at my side)

120 5x1

I really don't know how to explain the levering that i do. I am using my dumbbell handle and adding weight when i can and just hitting all angles for 3x5. My wrists are very week,

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week 3, workout A, 4-25-08, bw 171.5 (I need to eat more I don't want to lose weight)


170 3x5


135 3x5


135 3x5


bw+ 10 2x5

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Iron Mind Pinch Block(weight does not include the block or loading pin. I most likely will always just post the weight added to it.)

10 3x5 (5 second hold on each rep)

Iron Mind Hub(same thing here)

10lbs 38second hold with EH

10lbs 22second hold EH

10lbs 9second hold EH

(First time with both the pinch block and hub. I really like it because i will be able to add weight progressively every workout)

Ivanko gripper

Springs on 7/2 3x5

Good workout. My pinch is very weak. I want to one day be able to pinch 2 45's. Just got to take it one workout at a time. Everyone starts somewhere I guess

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Week 4, workout A, Day 1.


170 3x5

over head press

80 3x5


200 3x5


bw+15 2x5

10 50 yard passes with 135lbs on the weight sled. (This was easy today. i dont know what happened? haha)

Over all it was a good workout. I am going to start adding some band work for shoulders, back, and triceps


3x10 black gripper

1x12 coc #1

1x3 coc #1.5

10x1 coc #1.5

1x10 coc #1

(I got tired of missing reps on the #2 with the left hand. So i just did some volume)


4 five lb weights 50 sec EH PR

2 ten lb weights + 1 five lb 15 sec EH

3 ten lb weights broke floor 3 times with my left hand

3 ten lb weights 3x1 RH

4 five lb weights around the back 10 times

2 hand pinch

2 25lb weights 1x5 with ten sec hold on each rep

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all of this was done none stop with a 22lb dumbbell

shoulder internal rotation 1x10 Each Arm

Bent over flys 1x10

Bent over rows 1x12 EA

2 hand shoulder press 1x10

over head squat 1x10

dumbbell Snatch 1x10

Jump Rope 4 min 30 sec

Tricep Ex 1x10 EA

hanging backless leg raises 1x10

I get bored with normal cardio so i think i am going to start doing this every tuesday, thursday, saturday.

(reminder to self. EAT MORE!)

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Week 4, Day 2, Workout A


3x5 180


3x5 140


3x5 140


2x5 60

10 50 yard passes with 145 on the weight sled

The weight sled is still killer but im still loving it. Today was the first day where any of the weights were hard at all. I will just keep eating and hopefully gaining.)

Vertical Bar (I bought a vertical bar from Iron Mind, so this isn't the dumbbell handle anymore)

3x5 85

Olympic bar one hand deadlift(I was watching videos of these and it seems most people do these between the legs, I am doing them from the side)

5x1 135

black gripper


coc #1

1x1 20 sec hold

coc #1.5


All of my grip strength has been going way up except on grippers i peaked out a few weeks ago when I closed the 2.5 with my right hand and now closing the 1.5 is a challenge. My guess would be just back way off and just use the #1 for awhile to give crushing a break? Any anyone have any ideas? It just seems weird that everything else i have been gaining on

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week 4, day 3, workout B


185 3x5

Overhead Press

85 3x5


205 3x5


bw 2x5

crush grip

10X1 coc #1 EH

1x1 coc #2 EH


I didnt write all of this down. I did a lot of stuff. No PR or anything.

I didn't do the weight sled today. I was pretty beat up, so I decided to take a day off from it.

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Just thought i would post about a how much difference just having different plates makes. I have been having trouble getting 3 of my ten lb weights with my left and have been doing fairly good getting them with my right. But today i went to my old highschool to help with some of my friends lifting and i tried pinch gripping some of those tens and 3 of them were supper easy to i have 4 a try, and that was no problem and tried 5 and just broke the floor. So i thought that was crazy. I thought i was a really big pinch grip pansy because according to everything I've read, pinch gripping 3 tens is not really that good. Well i just thought i would share that.

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