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Deputycox's Training Log


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Well, here I go. I've been playing around with grip and general strength for a while, but now I've got my butt firmly planted on the wagon (working out 6 out of 9 days). Some quick current stats:

-CoC#1 for reps (don't know max #) - no set

-CoC#1.5 for 7 - no set

-CoC#2 about 1/8" away - CC set

-DL 245x5 - never tried 1rm

-Sumo DL 225x5 - no 1rm

-one hand barbell press 50x5

-Rolling thunder 115 :(

-8# sledge levers - front 9"x10

rear 15"x10

twist 9"x10

-pinch 3 10# fairly easily

-bend IM green in about 8 sec

-bend 1/4"x8 HRS zinc plated in about 1.5 min (with some bracing)

Some Goals for the year:

-CoC#2 for 5 reps


-DL 350

-one hand barbell press 80

-Rolling Thunder 180

-bend blue nail

-work on 1rm ability/comfort level

I know some of these goals might be overly eager, and some might be too easy, but I can adjust fire as needed. I also work with Kettlebells, mostly for conditioning. I've been swinging the 53# for 200 reps over about 15 min. I'd like to get that down to less than 10 min and increase the volume as well as start working the snatch. My TGU with the 53 is 5 per side in 5 min, 7 per side with the 36#.

I'm going to try to update this every couple days; hopefully tracking what I'm doing will help my progress. In any case, I really enjoy this stuff, and since I'm an LEO, it directly applies to my life. I'm constantly amazed at the feats of strength that so many of you pull off with ease and regularity. Thanks so much to everyone for all the tips I've gotten already!


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3/21/08 (work day 5)

Pull ups as warm up - 4 mid wide+2 chins

Bench 135 8x3

DL 245 5x1, 225 5x1

Rolling thunder 100/5sec 5x1...max 125R/110L

bent press 45 6x2

one arm oly bar curl 45 5x2

not too heavy today. 245 DL felt easy going up - try 255/235 next time. Feels like I've got a while before I plateau. Bent press probably could've gone 50/45. Need to develop more of a schedule - 4-5 exercises ea day - will develop this weekend. Work pull ups harder. I keep telling myself "gotta start somewhere!"

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3/22/08 (day 6)

Well, just a quick gripper WO today.

T 10x2

2 1x3 (max holds)

I was reading Mark Reifkind's blog and find myself inspired to work on KB swings for serious reps. I'm going to work up to 500 and beyond, which I think I can do in a few months. Something to try for!

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3/26/08 day1

Pull ups to warm up 4,2 (wider)

DL 255 5x1 (new high), sumo 205 5x1 - all felt pretty easy, 1st rep could have been a lot heavier

bench 135 8x3 - a little harder - I can't wait to get this up!

hanging knee raises 11x3

pull ups interspersed throughout - 2-3 ea set

finally got my SERT letter today!!

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Great log. I'll follow it closely. I was a corrections deputy for 6 years, so I know what you mean by functional training for the job. Grip is king.

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No workout today, just a note on a previous bend. I got some 1/4" HRS zinc plated from Home Depot, and I can get 7" with a little bracing. I'll try to pick up some plain 1/4"HRS and see if I can get it unbraced. I also found the Diesel article on beginning bending, and I'm going to try that progression. The kink seems to be my weak point, as I have no problems once I hit 45deg. I'll see how it goes. Last day at the jail is Saturday! Oh, and I got a 30# blob off ebay the other day - I can hardly believe how hard it is! I can two hand pinch lift it, but it just slides out of one hand without chalk. The Blob (50#) is a long term goal, so it feels good to have this to at least start with.

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Ok, so it's been a while since I posted on this - just moved to a new position/location at work-


just a KB session today-

-16kg warm up

--swings 20 l/r

--swings 30 h2h

--snatch 10 l/r


--10l/r per minute for 5 minutes (I think that's my fastest to 100 with the 32, but my conditioning obviously still needs a lot of work)

--atg squats w/kb racked - 5 l/r x2


--GU 3 l/r - pretty spent

now that I've been off for a couple weeks, I can really feel the staleness setting in already - just gotta make the schedule work again

I went to an intro Judo class at Midway Judo yesterday with some co-workers. Pretty good stuff. Seems like most stuff would be a better crossover to LE - might try a club for a few months when my schedule settles down.

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