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Hugo´s Training


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Today i will start to post my grip training and probably 2 or 3 more exercices to other muscles.

I've been traing my grip seriously for the past 2 months.

My best its mmset with #2.5.

Using this forum to put my routine i will increase my responsability and perform better i think (i hope!)

lets see what i can do ..

training will start 1 hour from now:-)

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28 january/16h15

training lenght: +- 1 hour

overall performance/quality of training = 3/5

bodypart: Grip only

1) 2HP

2x 60 kg x 5R

1x 65 kg x 5R

1x 68 kg x 5R(need to buy more weight)

2) R.T

1x 55 kg x 5R (LH + RH)

1 x 58 kg x 5R (LH)

1x 58 kg x 3R (RH)

1x 50 kg x 10 R (RH+LH)

1x 50 kg x 15 R (RH+LH)

3) R.T Wrist Curls

1x 20 kg x 8 R (LH+RH)

3x 22,5 kg x 5 R (LH+RH)

4) Reverse wrist curls (2H)

2 x 20 kg x 8 R

5) IMTHUG 4 (Tns Reps)

(Pinky+Ring : no Thumb)

40 reps (RH)

25 reps (LH)

Note: Need to find more motivation. Little pain in my right wrist.

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Note: Need to find more motivation. Little pain in my right wrist.

Here is some motivation for you! Watch some videos! :rock

I would forego the wrist curls until your wrist feels better.

Good work!

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Hi Cannon! Its good to receive your oppinion!

yes i am used to check the link u have send to me!

mental power its so important thats i need to improve!

thanks for the tips.

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thanks Ben your post inspire me!:-)

Today 29 th january



2)CONTRATS BATH 5x 30 Sgs each

NOTE : my right wrist its not good , need to heal it fast in order to do the rb210 cert next week .

will rest about 4 days then next monday will start to break my previous records.

doesnt work for me to do 4 workouts a week ... need to stay with 3 , no more. i did to much 2H Pinch thats why my wrist its bad.

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Hugo, good luck with the RB210 cert.

I didn't realize he had certs for less than 240's ? Is the cert gripper also narrow for TNS ? If you have it what spread does it have ?

.. thx .,.. neilkaz ....

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hi neilkaz!

yes its TNS close!

the spread its about 6 cm (credit card close distance)All of them are narrow!

please check: http://www.rb-germany.com/HallofFame.html

i already ordered the gripper , just waiting to receive it from thorsten(a nice guy).


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6 feb 08


4/5 sets Holds with my filed coc #2 (betwen 10/20 sgs)

4/5 strapholds with my coc#1 using 2.5 to 6 kg (10(20 sgs)

3 sets with my hard coc#3 doing chest crushes 3 sets of 10 rep.

* i try to enjoy my training , not to be to serious or to tense!it worked!

note: i liked doing grippers only in fact i filed my gripper today for the first time , i was little concerned before because i was offraid to "hurt" my toy , but now the gripper its still beautifull!

i rate my training 4/5. next time i can go higher in weights (strapholds).

i did rb 210 cert VERY easely , i am just waiting to receive the positive feedback from Thorsten.

later i will post if necessary the link. rb 210 n its betwen #1.5 and #2.

Edited by ewokhugo
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Nice workout and a good RB210N cert. My RB210N is less than 6cm spread and also inbetween 1.5 and IM 2.

I'll measure some of my RB N's with these new calipers and get back to you. If I recall my RB240N is about 63mm and is my PR and is a bit less than my IM 2.5. I can't TNS it but close the 240N with a minimal set.

Keep up the strong gripping .. neilkaz ..

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Nice cert Hugo! :rock Very assured close! :rock

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thanks guys , i really appreciated your kind words!

i was sick last week, no training at all.

today i went to the gym for the first time in a long time and did chest,biceps and triceps, felt great!

13 feb 2008


filed #2 (in both sides) 2 sets of holds(max 20 sgs)

Tns close with my #2.5 : 2 sets (i went to parallel and slightly closer)

power sets : 2 sets with my hard #3 : 3 reps right and and 2 reps with my lefty.

strapholds 3 sets with my #1 holding 5 kg (not sure about the time).

note: i am used to train at my office, i always fell my energy low, this time i realize i should go ouside and train with fresh air! i felt much better but i need to strenght my mind asap! i want to be a mash monster and can only do 3 reps of power set? power set: put the gripper with the help of teh other hand in mash monster set, hold for few segs then close it with both hands. i rate my training low: 2/5.

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If you are closing an RB210 like that depending on how hard it is you (RBs vary more than anything IMO - other than HGs) could probably shut some #3s or get very close i have felt 2 #3s that were genuine and not tampered with in any way that were only slightly harder than my RB210. It is good that you filed the #2 this is what helped me get to the #3.

If i were training you personally to close the #3 i would sugegst you do a warmup of a few closes with the filed #2, then go for 5-6 singles - with a few mins rest in between - on the RB210. Try and overcrush the handles every close, if you miss the last few, don't worry. After that do a few singles on the filed #2 again concentrating on crushing the handles together at the end aswell as closing the gripper 'quickly'. With your left hand do the same but adjust the grippers for your level of strength. Each workout up the volume slightly, so you are eventually doing say 10-12 singles with the RB210. If you get to the stage where you are closing the RB210 easily for higher volume like this your setting and closing technique will become mroe refined as you will have had lots of practice and you will no doubt be closer to the #3. Have you got any grippers inbetween the RB210 and the #3? Have you got a BBSM or BBGM?

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hi Sam! i really appreciated all the info u put here! its a valuable advice! many thanks:-)

in fact rb 210 narrow its much easier than rb 210; i rate rb210n betwen my #1.5 and #2. i am not very proud to get the certification becauuse i did a couple of tns reps with this gripper(6 at least).

I believe rb 210 should be +- the same as my #2.5 probably a little harder ; i am listening carefull your advice , i will use #2.5 instead of rb 210 because i dont have it.

RB grippers hall of fame are like captain of crush list , in fact u can be there if u want its a matter to email Thorsten Moser and send him the money to ship the gripper ; i believe u can do a tns close with

rb 330 (maximium .. only one guy here).

i dont have any gripper betwen #2.5 and #3. In fact i am thinking about to buy an Rb gripper even more difficult than my #3 ... maybe Rb 300? i want to confuse my brain and my tendons this way ... its like "changing my goal to close rb 300 instead of #3) what do u think Sam? i may try some bending soon and hopefully make some progress with grippers.

best of luck and thanks for posting here!


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Sorry i thought you meant a regular 210. So yeah use a #2.5 instead.

I can TNS the RB300N not the 330N. I've had it near but never quite there.

Get an RB240. If you like RBs it is a well made gripper and should be below a #3 by a little bit.

The 300 is more like a #3.5 very hard gripper!

Don't start bending IMO it takes max strength off your grippers and will actually lengthen the times it takes you to mash the #3 and the MM1.

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Don't start bending IMO it takes max strength off your grippers and will actually lengthen the times it takes you to mash the #3 and the MM1.

I have to agree with Sam, unfortunately. I have focused on bending and I feel like it robs my strength for grippers. But it's all about priorities. I love to bend and won't give it up even if it means I won't be a COC.

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Hugo, since you're into RB narrows and the certs and have nothing inbetween a 2.5 and a 3.

My 240N is just a bit easier than my IM2.5. My 260N is right around the same as my BBSM, just a bit harder than the IM2.5 I think.

I have a 300N but can't really tell if it is harder than my #3 which has a wide spread and guys like Ben and Josh told me it is a hard 3. Also a 330N that is clearly harder than that hard #3.

I wish you the best luck in progressing up the RB cert ladder.

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240N is about a #2.5

260N is right inbetween #2.5 and #3

300N is an easy #3.

330N is a tiny little bit below a flush mounted elite or a #3.5 at the close but much easier to set.

i wouldn't just use the narrows though you will end up stumped when you try and close a #3 with a spread wider than 3''.

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thanks very much guys; i didnt realize bending would stop my grip progress!

i will try your training advice tomorow Sam! its like having a personal trainer! i always helped people but never had someone helping me! i mean advice about lifting weights and nutrition , not about GRip training , in Portugal there are NO grip tournament and i believe i am the stronger gripper guy here(mash monster set with #2.5) .. its funny !lme? yes !

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