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Wrestling/judo/brazilian Jiu Jitsu Guy Wants To Build Some Solid Hands


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Hey there,

i dont want to be a grip"master" like you guys. I just want to build up some good grip strength. So which Gripper and which Routine you recommend?

I thought something like 3day a week. 5 sets of 5 reps. Including some Holds and Negativ Reps + some extensions (rubberband)...

But should i buy the Ivanko Super Gripper or should go with Coc, Bone crusher etc.?


p.s.: sorry for my english, i am from germany :(

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My suggestion, if you are a judo/BJJ athlete is to get yourself some open-hand training implements, such as thick dumbbells and block weights. Grippers are great, but not quite perfect for grappling sports. You might want to get yourself a sledgehammer and some work gloves and swing that thing against a tire or something.

I just put up an article on a cheap open-hand training device - click here.

We have lots of articles on Grip Strength at DieselCrew.com and TheGripAuthority.com.

Happy gripping.

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All I can say is ... I do jiu jitsu aswell. Work alot of things with towels such as towel pullups.. excellent for Gi Training. If your No-Gi, (which I am) do alot of thickbar training and also sledge hammer levering. Also a good wrist roller helps alot. I can hold almost anyone in my guard and keep them from laying down a GnP on me for an entire round. Its really frustrating for them they tell me :P

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Thank you very much. I understand the fact, that i have to use specific trainings equipment, but i dont want invest more time as i am used to do now in weight training.

So can you just recommend/ give a advise about the training with a gripper? I am training almost everyday so i my rest day are limited. :)

what you think about the ivanko super gripper? Is that thing enough to build up grip strength or should i buy some torsion grippers?

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I do MMA, BJJ and submission wrestling as well. I`ve done most of my grip training with hand-grippers. It`s really an advantage to have a good grip. Sometimes bjj training is like hell when you`ve done your grip training on the same day.

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