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Nightowls Training Log


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Will start today with writing down my training log here...

Goals are building more strength in my grip,wrists(for bending) and for overhead presses as well as in different forms of

pulling exercises(roundback lifts/Pullups/Deadlifts).

for the next weeks,i´ll use for this a sandbag,a thick pullup bar , an old barbell and my ivanko gripper.I´ll also use my just bought power ball for getting my left wrist fit again after several month of pain...

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thank you!

i´m not really competing in any sports so i try to build an acceptable all around strength.

one of my goal is a triple bwe deadlift.this would be 225kg at the moment. but it´s a goal i want to achieve in the next two years.after this i´m going further if possible. another goal is to clean and press a 200 pound sandbag but this is also for the next time.

what is also important for me is the beast challenge. a c&p with the beast,as well as a pullup and a pistol. the pull up is already done, no problem. but i´m still working to improve.

grip and wrist strength are the goals which seem to me most important because this are my weak points.

my yesterday´s workout:

4singles sandbag lift 75 kg

4 singles sandbag get up(arm straighten out) 35kg

4singles pullup with 20kg

4 singles pistol with 15 kg

sandbag C&P with 60kgx5

reverse barbell wrist curl with 17,5kgx5 a 2sets

also did gtg with ivanko gripper right 3/8 , left 3/7

on friday I´ll max out and start a new porgramm.got already something in my mind...

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my workout yesterday:

4singles: sandbag lift 75kg


pistol 15kg

sandbag C&P 62.5kgx5 57.5kgx5

then barbell reverse curls 20kg x5 and 20kgx5 thumb over the bar

grease the groove ivanko gripper settings left 3/7 right 3/8

have also a new plan for the next month.

i´ll concentrate on sandbag lifts,sandbag c&p, Pullups as well as grip work and reverse curls.

at the momen i don´t feel it´s necessary to do wrist curls because my sandbag work reaches my wrist flexors so i do only some work for the extensors.

next week,i´ll start the new plan . it´ll give each movement a different routine. for one part ,i´ll do only singles and start with a weight 70% of my 1rp max. I´ll start the first day with three singles and work up to 15 to the end of the first week. then i start over again and do3 singles with a bit more weight.

for another movement, i´ll do ladders three times a week with a weight i could do 8 reps.I´ll increase the numbers of ladders and when i´m at 10x1,2,3, i´ll decrease the ladders and increase the rung of the ladders.f.e.: 5x1,2,3 up to 10x1,2,3, then 3x1,2,3,4, up to 6x1,2,3,4, then 2x1,2,3,4,5, up to 4x1,2,3,4,5,

for two other movements i´ll start a wave cycle with 80% of my current 5rmax in the first set and with a second set decreased by 10%.

for another movement i´ll do three times a week 5,4,3,2 and then one rep with an increasing weight. pavel calls it a straight forward power cycle. the fiver will be with a weight i can do ten reps , the last sinlge rep will be 90% of my max.

I´ll do this on mon, wed and friday. i´ll increase the weight on wednesday and friday and start with the weight used wednesday on monday again. like a wave cycle.

all of these cycles will last 4 weeks, then i´ll rotate the routine for the workouts.

for example, I´ll start one movement with ladders(high volume, low intesity,this will build a good foundation/108reps in the first week)

then I´ll reduce the volume and increase the intensity a bit(the wave cycle/50reps a week).at the start the intensity is lower then at the and so it´s a kind of taper from the ladder workout which will be tough at the end because of the high volume.

then after the cycle which got more intense at the end i´ll decrease the intensity a bit and increase the volume by doing the single workout(63reps a week).

after this i´ll go over to the straightforward power cycle(lowest volume/highest intensity/45reps a week) and work up to a new PR.

So after four weeks i`ll see how i improved. it´s really bad to max out too often. someone said you have to think big and with this attack plan i think a bit bigger now than before.(ok really big would be thinking in years and not month but i omparison to my last year of training , this is a good step ahead i think).


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thank you,

i read some where that hermann goerner defined the strength of man by the weight he can lift from the ground, the weight he can put overhead and the weight he can walk with. i think simple work has to be the most effective cause ti build super physics yesterday.

ok, the plan looks a bit difficult on first sight but the exercises are really now my favourites. the sandbag lift from the ground and the press overhead are really fun. only the pullups suck because i make hardly any progress at the moment.but my goal is to do them with additional bodyweight.

i have to build a power rack or something similar where i can put my barbell and then walk some feet with a heavy weight, i´ll do it in paraguay. then i´ll also build some atlas stones.

this friday i´ll test my max on the exercises, think i´ll make a video of it.


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my yesterday´s workout:

4singles sandbag lift 75 kg

4singles pullup with 20kg

4 singles pistol with 15 kg

sandbag C&P with 57.5kgx5 52.5x5

reverse barbell wrist curl with 20kgx5 a 2sets,thumbs over the bar

also did gtg with ivanko gripper right 2/9 , left 2/8

several tries with the powerball

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sandbag lift yesterday: 90kg(200pounds) for one attempt. it´s not really max but i´m a bit careful with the round backlifting and will save a heavier weight for next time when maxing out.nevertheless PR!

sandbag Clean and press with 75kg(167pounds) for 5 singles,filmed the last one, it´s on youtube. PR

pullups 30kg @72kg bodyweight 5 reps. i did this before the other exercises and was really disappointed and angry.but then i said it can´t get worse and tested the other exercises.

Pistols only with additional 35kg :angry:

several closes with my #2 with an oiled spring,the rust was the problem for me closing it several times.

will take part now in the coin challenge and film it tonight.

next week,i´ll start the new programm. this will work great.last year was like an apprentice ship on strength training but this year i´ll break all my previous limits :rock nevertheless i´ll learn a lot more!

thanks for your tip shouldering the sandbag matt brouse, i´ll do it in my routine additional to the lifting movement of the sandbag.


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Did a break from training on friday, on saturday, i did 5 sinlges clean and press with sandbag with 52.5kg.

on sunday i did the same but 7 singles with one minute rest in between.

i also erased the sandbag lift from my training shedule.for one important reason: when i´m doing the clean and press, i´m also doing a kind of sandbag lift. ok, you may wonder, the weight isn´t that heavy like when you do the sandbag lift.

for me , one thing is shure. to get good results, i have to train within my limits. i noticed that i make the best progress when i´m training in the 70-80% range of my max. one mistake i always made was to calculate this max wrong on the sandbag lift as well as for weighted straight legged situps. when i´m doing pullups, i´m calculating like this for example: One rep max =

48kg+bodyweight(73kg)= 121kg. 70% would be 84.7kg-bodyweight= additional 11.7 kg.

if i only take the additional weight i would do them wrong and too heavy/ 48=100% , 70% = 33.6kg of added weight.

but isn´t the same calculation necessary when i´m doing the sandbag lift. i´m also lifting my upperbody with my muscles of the back so i´ve to count that weight ,too.

i lied down on a scale and put a book under my hip and the scale under the head. it was something like 22kg´s.lets say 20.

my best in the sandbag lift is 90kg´s and so it´ll be 90+20= 110 70% of 110 are 77kg´s. minus the 20kg bodyweight are 57 kg´s . that is the weight i´ve to take to train in the 70% range. so i decided to move the weight of the c&p up a bit to get the intesity a bit higher for the sandbaglift,but not to high for the c&p. so i´ll do my singles now with 55kg each day. i´ll add 2.5kg each week and in week 4 the cycle will outrun with 62.5 kg. this will be 83% of my max for the C&P and 75% for the sandbag lift. i think this will be a good compromise for the two exercises. when my sandbaglift goes up without special training, it´ll proove that i´m on the right track with this idea. if not, i have to think again.

a second thing i like to mention here is, that my injured wrist gets better after i trained the pronation and supination with an axe shaft with a little weight at the top. i also called my doc that i´ll visit him on thursday this week but perhaps it isn´t necessary then anymore. i hope so because then i can get a bit more into grip and wrist training.

my training routine TODAY:

9 single repetitions with 55kg sandbag , C&P,

then 5 ladders with (1,2,3) Pullups on a thick bar with 20kg additional weight.

then 2x5 repetitions of reverse wrist curls with thumb over the bar, 15kg barbell.

then pronation and supination, this is only for regeneration at the moment. I´ll go heavier when my wrist is fit again.

over the day i do several repetitions with my ivanko gripper, every hour one rep with each hand.

settings are 9/3 for the right and 8/2 for the left.

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Training happened yesterday as above written but i have to take a bit weight off for the pullups. my weight isn´t constant and so i weighed yesterday 5kg more than when i maxed out to get the right weight for training. I´ll got down to 17.5 kg of additional weight for the pullups. after a weekend i can easiely weigh around 77-78 kg and when i weigh myself on tueday morning, it´s only 73. i think it´ll even go down to 72 to the end of the week.must be because of drinking some beers on the weekend :)

my training routine for my grip with the ISG:

i start with a weight of 70-80% of 1Rep max.

On Monday i do every hour between 8am and 6pm one rep

On tuesday i do every 30min " " " " one rep

On wednesday i do every hour " " " " two reps

On thursday i do every 45 minutes " " " two reps

On friday i do every 30 minutes " " " " two reps per hand.

on saturday and sunday i take off from training and start over again on monday with the same reps but a slight increase in resistance. When i have a tough time making the reps, I´ll go back with the resistance for two or three weeks and start all over again. Or i´ll just max out and start a new cycle.

At the moment i train with the settings 2/8 for my left and 3/9 for my right hand.

the programm is called Grease the Groove, it´s from pavel tsatsouline and with Grippers it´s ideal because the ISG is every time available for me.

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just modified the programm a bit: my training routine for my grip with the ISG:

i start with a weight of 70-80% of 1Rep max.

On Monday i do every hour between 8am and 6pm one rep total11reps

On tuesday i do every 45min " " " " one rep total16reps

On wednesday i do every 30min" " " " one reps total22reps

On thursday i do every 45 minutes " " " two reps total32reps

On friday i do every 30 minutes " " " " two reps total44reps

125reps per week and no sweat :rock

like this it should work.

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Training on Oct,the second:

Sandbag Clean and press: 55kg / 11 singles

reverse wrist curls: 15kgx5 12,5kgx5

gtg with the ivanko gripper and pronation and supination with an axeshaft and a little weight on the end.

yesterday:sandbag clean and press:55kg /13 singles

reverse wrist curls 15kgx 5 12.5x5

gtg ivanko and pronation and supination like above written.

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training yesterday:

sandbag C&P 15 singles with 55kg

then 6x(1,2,3) reps of pullups with 17.5 kg additional weight.

then reverse wrist curls: 17.5x5 12.5x5

then pronation and supination exercises, also GRease the groove with the ivanko.

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today is an easy day: i´ll do 3 singles of the sandbag C&P with 57.5 kgs. after that i´ll do my reverse wrist curls with 17.5x5 and 12,5x5 . after that a little bit of pronation and supination and then i´m finished. perhaps a little walk with the sandbag on my shoulder....

i also did every half an hour today 2 reps with the ivanko. settings for the left 2/8 and 3/9 for the right.

i´ll start monday with 4/7 for the left and 5/8 for the right hand.

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I LOVE the idea of sandbag training, so versitile, easy and cheap! Looking good so far mate :)

BTW, I read your post in the hand size thread

7,68 is 7 11/16". Your in the average hand size range.

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Thanks for your reply Zach. I started first with KB´s but now I fell in love with the sandbag. it´s really functional strength and i think when i´m playing with a 200pound sandbag, i´ll also play with opponents of that weight.good to know that my hands are in the middle because my size isn´t. i´m just 1,70m . it´s hard to calculate all the time from meters to feet or inches ;)

my training on saturday: 5 singles sandbag C&P 57.5 kg,

sunday : 7 singles sandbag C&P 57.5 kg

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My training yesterday: Sandbag C&P 57.5kg, 9 singles

pullups with additional 17.5 kg, 7x(1,2,3)

reverse wrist curl: 17.5x5 15x5

some pronation and supination,

over the day several reps with the ivanko, settings for left:4/7 right 5/8

did also several newspaper tears, mostly with two big sheets,folded 5 times, one time they´re already


after my workout i smashed several times with my palms into the wall to toughen my wrists. after the left one ached a bit but today it´s fine. nonetheless i´ll check out a special doc today to make some x-ray pics of my bones. i read in one topic that when doing wrist culrs with a gripper, you have to curl first and then close the gripper. if you first close it and then curl, you might rip of tendons or hurt the joints. this is what i did 2005. but i didn´t knew that it could demolish my wrists. i had wrist problems with my left for a long time and don´t really know why. perhaps a little piece is loose in my wrist. after my visit today i know if the pain will completely(at the moment it seems so) go away from its self or if i should let the doc work on it.

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My yesterdays workout: 11 singles Clean and press with sandbag of 57.5 kg.

over the day grease the groove with the ivanko gripper.

changed the gtg programm a bit:

Monday: every 45min one rep 15reps

tuesday: " 30min one rep 21reps

wednesday: " 15min one rep 42reps

thursday: " 30min two reps 42reps

friday : " 15min two reps 84reps

204 reps per week and no sweat , i hope this won´t be too much but i started yesterday doing every 30min one rep because i felt i could easily do more. perhaps i´ll change between the two suggested GTG programms if i have a hard time or when the next setting jump is a bit bigger.

went yesterday to the doc and he said that the xray pictures a ok.

he said i overburded my sinews a bit. he suggested me to wear a kind of splint over my wrist and he told me to get some pills which are anti-inflammatory. because of this i´ll stop my wrist work some days but i wont wear this splint neither take any pills.my body has to adapt by its self and without any medicine. i don´t like this chemical stuff and i know that it´ll go away like this. after the weekends it feels always very good and because it´s also getting better week by week,i know that i only have to reduce training. did yesterday with my left hand before sleeping shot rotation with three shots, after this my wrist felt very good. i always did it with two shots without touching but yesterday i tried three and it´s a better effect i think.

i ask my self if i can also move three balls without touchiing, palms down of course?

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training yesterday: Sandbag C&P 57.5 Kg, 13 singles

pullups 17.5kg+ 8x(1,2,3)

grease the groove with ISG, every 15 min one rep per hand, left 7/4 right 5/8

changed the setting to 1/9 le. and 2/10 ri. because of that i´ll switch to my second shedule,doing every 45 min two reps.

will work up to a higher volume per day and then increase the resistance again.

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training oct 11th: 15 singles sandbag C&P 57.5 kg

training oct 12th: 3 singles sandbag C&P 60kg not more because i came home too late from work.

training oct 13th:5 singles sandbag C&P 60kg

training oct 14th:7 singles sandbag C&P 60kg

today I´ll go on with the clean and press and the pullups as well as gripwork.

i did a lot of stretches for my wristflexor this weekend and it seems that this really helps- the doc told me the opposite but i won´t trust him anymore...think my sinews are shortened because of my kettlebell training for the last months . with kb training, the wrist flexor gets loaded static because you have to keep the wrist straight in line with the forearm.because i didn´t stretched the wristflexor after my sessions,the sinews might be shortened now and thats because the stretching of this weekend helped a lot. followed frankies advice to put the hands before stretching into hot water and then do some stretches.

thanks again for the good advice...

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changed also the settings of the ivanko gripper from 1/9 left and 2/10 right to 5/7 for the left and 6/8 for the right hand.

just tried it today and it was no problem. at the moment i feel that the gtg programm for my grip is really working good.

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just got my rolling thunder and the COC #2.5

think i´ll do some weighted rollingthunder pullups tonight.the 2.5 isn´t as hard as i supposed it to be but nevertheless i have still some mm´s left to close it completely.

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yesterdays training: sandbag clean and press : 60kg, 9singles

rolling thunder pullups: 17.5kg 1,2,3 then 15 kg 1,2, then 10kg (1,2,3)x2

10kg seems to be a good weight to reach a great number of pullups.

its really fun to pull up at the RT and who knows, one day i´ll try a one arm rolling thunder pullup.

did also GTG with the ivanko 5/7 left and 6/8 right, also a lot of stretches for my left wrist and some wrist roller work.

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training yesterday: 11singles sb C&P , 60kg

GTG, ivanko, setted back to 2/8left and 3/9 right because i now do no set reps. seems to be better because of precision of the load. if i set the gripper with the other hand, it´s always a bit different.

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training yesterday: SB C&P 13 singles with 60kg

then Rolling thunder (i have two of them) Pullups, 5x(1,2,3) with 10kg additional weight / BW 72 Kgs.

the RT pullups are the hardest pullups i´ve done in my life. only rafter pullups will top that when i´m ready to do them . but this will take some time.

I have one question on the RT, does it help more the pinch grip or the crushing grip or is it some kind of mix in between these two strength types?

did also yesterday Grease the Groove with my Ivanko, today I´ll only work the right hand because the left needs because of my wrist some regeneration. on the ulnar side near the wrist next to the the knuckle on top of the forearm, it gets thick when i´m training a lot of crushing grip or even more when i use the extension bands. today i´ll pause because of this.

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