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Day 3 Of Kta Not Sore Yet? Should I Be


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I've just picked up the KTA program and it was a great read, especially in combination with mastery of hand strength. I've never done a grip specific work out with any form of regularity, but I do many of these exercises of some form (rope climb, Deadlifts, some pinches during a farmers walk, and some kettlebell work)

So I've completed day 3 and after day 1 I did hand therapy because reading all the horror stories in the KTA program got me worried.... day 2 I felt fine so i didn't do anything but put some corn huskers on, day 3 same....

I feel no soreness at all

should I be sore? I'm squeezing with the same attitude that I do max lifts with...

Even through the program says do nothing else, I'm paranoid of tendinitis because I've experienced it before, so I use the expand your hands bands for 3 sets of 12 reps after the workout.

I'm a noob to this grip stuff so be nice ...

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goal is number 2 right now... day 3 and I'm maybe a bit more than a cm from closing it.... the technique portion was obviously important.

I figured people would say the volume will build. Maybe it was just the way I read it but it seemed to say that people don't make it through the first week.. kind of shocked me (and then made me want to do it)

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My hands were begging for a break around midway thru. Everytime I touched a gripper it felt like my hands were on fire.

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Week 3 is the killer....

Extensors are a good idea and aren't actually excluded from the program, they're mentioned in the section on recovery I think.

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don't worry, your hands will get sore, and so will the forearms. when you start doing the strap holds, oc's with the filed gripper, and the negative crushes.

don't forget to follow the program, and don't do any extra work for the forearms, or biceps. extensors are good, and actually help. if you do deadlifts, rows, or pulldowns, use straps, and wrap them as tight as possible to limit the grip used, and to keep from pulling anything.

use the contrast baths religiously. do not forget to use them, hot hot water, and super cold water, and if you can, sink your arms into the water as far as possible, up to the elbows if you can. if you can't, at least get up to mid forearm.

I didn't use chalk when i did the KTA, and i'm glad i didn't. when i finished the program and got the goal gripper closed it was still hard keeping the gripper from slipping, but closing it despite the slipping meant more strength. (adding chalk locked it in my hand, and it was easier). my hands tear open easier with chalk, and believe me, you do not want an open wound on your palm or fingers later in the program. its painfull enough without adding blood and torn calluses.

it is an awesome program, and the strength and mental toughness you get from it are well worth the time.

good luck, and good lifting

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