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Going To Try Grip As Well.

Mike Betty

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Could not get head into training on the heavy weights tonight so did some 2hp and v-bar.

2hp worked up to a 6kg PB on a thinner setting of 44mm i think it was 77.3/4kg i'm getting there.

V-bar worked up to 105 kg left and 115kg right total 225kg

Quite happy as a starting point have not really tried v-bar before so figners crossed should inprove fast.

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Good to see you onboard the good ship 'grip'.

Well you have Nick and Steve at the gym to help you out, so I'd expect a quick increase in poundages.


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Nick has all of our strongmen training grip once a week. They pick one movement out of three or so and then give it some stick. Dunkster trains it more and is working percentages. We have the gym lifts listed and no one is allowed, for example in the pinch, to be listed unless then do at least 70-kilos / 154 lbs on the Euro set.

I've said I'd like all our guys to pull at least 140-kilos on the v-bar and may make that the minimum for listing on the wall.

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Thursday 1st March.

Felt like crap most of the day got this cold/cough that seem to be going around.

Shoulder/push press.

50kg x5 strict

80 x5 strict

100 x 5 Push

110 x 1 push

100 x 5 push

120 x 1 push

130 failed

100 x 5 push

Floor presses

60kg x 10

80 x 10

100 x 5

100 x 6

105 x 5

Did a small amount of pinch worked som set of around 55kg and did a couple of 66kg single i stared to feel even craper than i did when i started so stopped there not to bad happy with the over head press.

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Still feeling like a pair of old pants.

Turned up an hour late as my son had his first football game shold have atarted at 11.30 15 min each way but because of the over night rain we could only use one of the pitches so evetime was delayed did,nt get away until 13.40


Log 90kg warm up

105kg 1 clean 5 press

105 messed up the clean got 2 presses.


100kg 15m

110kg 15m

120kg 15m

130kg 10m

Loading race.

Four barrels 2x85 and 3 unknown but they were mean as hell. Time 1.38 sec NIck did it in abour 40 seconds.

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Nice to see you putting up a log here Mike!

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We weighed one of the 'new' barrels and as they all have concrete in them we think all are over 200 pounds.

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Front squat

60 x5





120 x1 pb

Dead lifts

worked up to 2 set of 3 @190kg

V-bar worked up to a new PB on left 115kg New pb on right 120kg

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Thursady 8th

Push press.

20 x 20kg







I think this is a 5x5 pb for me.

Chins 2,3,4, 2,3,4,

Floor press off rack.







Working sets of 52kgx2 reps 10 sets with a 3-5 scond hold at the top.

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OH Press.



80x5 Strict

100x5 push

105x3 push dip

110 push dip

120x2 push dip

130 failed x2 but they were Four score and seven years ago I am the MAN because I swear and I want everyone to know how manly I am by using profanity.ing close.

80x10 strict

80x10 strict.

Chins Bicep hurting a bit from stones last saturday so only did a set of 2 and a 3.

Floor/board press.

I think i fried my triceps with the press these were very hard.





Leg raises. 3 sets of 20 reps.

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17th March


1x clean 5 strict presses 80kg.

1x clean 5 strict presses 80kg.

1 clean 8 presses 105kg push /dip

1 clean 3 presses 105kg push /dip

1 clean 4 presses 105kg push /dip

Walk of pain.

100kg milk curn 6 turns about 60 m.

Farmer hold 110kg per hand 36 seconds i think. Little more there i think.

Barrel loading single barrel loaded onto platform trying out differnt methods.

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19th March

Front Squat







130x2 new PB

140 failed.

Dead lifts

140 x5




220 failed.

Good mornings


40 x12


Leg raises on bench

3 sets of 20 reps.

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