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Hand Dynamometer


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Do you know, what result shown on a hand dynamometer, corresponds, for example, to compression Captain Crush #1?

What your results in kg or lb?(shown on a hand dynamometer)


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The inline image tags don't work on this board, your image has to be linked like this:


People generally specify whether they are reporting results in kg in lbs. When I could close the #1 with authority, I was pullng 69kg with each hand on a Jammar hand dynamometer. However, I think you will find it hard to draw a good comparison between the two. There are skills specific to testing hand strength on each type of implement that can be developed to better your numbers, independent of strength.

The board has a lot of good threads on Dynamometers if you use the search function. Here's a good search:


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I can (just) close the #2 with my right hand and I top out at around 150lb (68Kg) on a Jamar. I've seen similar figures, but I don't think you will always find a straightforward correlation as it will vary with technique and (maybe) hand size.

It varies with the width setting of the Jamar, I use the second notch as that matches the gripper's closed size best (and that's what it came set to). On the first notch I do 125lb, and similar on the third, quite a difference!

One way I just figured out of getting a comparison for a weaker gripper is to alternate barely closing the gripper, and then maxing the Jamar, keep doing this to failure, and see what the last readings were. Doing this equates my #1 to 120lb (54Kg).

However, I don't feel that the average strongish person who can pull 120 will be able to close a #1 on their first try. That's where the technique comes in.

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I agree with you and I shall soon order Captain Crush from site Ironmind.com or Amazon.com.

Thanks, Scott, I shall(will?) use it!

Jammar hand dynamometer - an interesting thing, I have looked a photo:


On my dynamometer (its width about 6 centimeters) I squeeze out only 66 kg. But it is my body weight.

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I haven't tested very many (less than a few dozen) guys with the Jamar and then compared it to their gripper ability. But the few I've tested that can close the #1 seem to be around the 150 pounds area on the Jamar. #2 closers are usually 165+. There will be some exceptions. I was pulling around 180 around the first time I closed an Easy #3. Last year when my gripper strength peaked for a bit I pulled @220 a few times with my right. It only goes to 200 but you can guesstimate a bit. At that time I was closing a Hard Elite regularly.

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