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Chest Injury


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I recently increased my # of push-ups from 15 per workout to 3 sets of 15 at increasing steepness. I have had a bump on my sternum about the size of a quarter and about 1/2 an inch thick for a few months before the increase. Yesterday I woke up after the first time doing my new workout and couldn't even push myself up off the mattress. I used a heating pad yesterday for probably an hour and today it's sore, but nothing like yesterday. I actually used the muscles quite a few times in the course f working on my dad's farm and it seemed to hold up fine. If anyone has a clue what I've done or what I can do to fix it any help would be greatly appreciated, also the bump is on the left side of the sternum, not in the center, if that helps. Thanks in advance

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Thanks Matt, I think I'll try contrast baths, just without the bath. Ice it down, then apply the heating pad. I'll keep updating.

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Sounds like you did the exact same thing I did one time but not to as bad of a degree. I seperated or at least partially seperated two ribs on the left side of my sternum. This was the result of a lot of different things, anyway that is not important for the purposes of this post. My chest swelled up pretty big and it hurt to move at all which sucked especially sice I could not really totally rest. Anyway, do not heat it, that is bad. The first day it happened I layed on my sofa and watched movies all day and iced it for like 20 minutes on, then 20 minutes off all day. Make sure you do not leave the ice on for to long and put something between your skin and the ice bag. I just used my t-shirt and I was fine but go by comfort and if it starts to numb out check from time to time and make sure you skin is not freezing, yes I have actually done this and is sucks. Anyway strecth it as much as you can by arching your back and lengthening your sternum. It hurts and you may hear a popping sound from time to time, this is normal. In fact I could tell when mine needed to be strecth because it would feel real tight and hurt to sit up or to stand up straight. Don't force it but strecth it as much as you can stand, if it feels like you may hurt yourself back off, it will eventually pop on its own when you stand up from sitting down or if you just arch your back. It should heal up fine and be just as strong or stronger than ever. Mine give me no trouble and it is rock solid. I hope that helped, if you have any more questions feel free to post here or PM me. I will help out in any way that I can. Injuries suck man but the are a part of training, I think I have learned that better than almost anyone in the past 6 months. Grind through it, I look at it as paying my dues now rather than a set back, in the end nothing can stop you from reaching your goals if you want them bad enough. The scars of battle you acquire along the way will help you and others in the future, peace.


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I actually tore a pec a few years back, and through an informal orthopedics consult, rehab'd it without surgery. This was caused by trying to bench too much, and a failure on my part to balance things out in workouts with more "pull" movements. For the first month, it was stretching and contrast. In time, I started doing some very light dumbbell work, and eventually some pushups. I shy away from chest pressing, but have went very heavy in overhead lifting and sandbag work since the injury. Bending short steel is also fine. Patience is what I cannot recommend loud enough. Hang in there.

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