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Robert's bending log


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All bends done in spike-bending style (pinkies together) unbraced, with the nail in a wash cloth.

6"x3/16"- U-shaped

IM Yellow-U-shaped

IM Blue- U-shaped (surprisingly easy)

8-1/4"x3/8" Aluminum- U-shaped

60 penny from Home depot- bent 90-degrees, but skipped the crush down.  New personal best.

I will cut another 1/2" off of the 3/8" aluminum next time.  Also, I will start using 8"x1/4" HRS for the first warm up.  3/16" is getting too easy even for a warm up.


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Kinked a 12"x5/16" HRS on wed. as a test. Definitely a possible bend.

IM Green (5"x3/16" HRS)= U-shaped

IM Yellow (7"x1/4" HRS)= U-shaped

7-3/4"x3/8" Aluminum= U-shaped

7-1/4"x3/8" Al = 40 degree bend

IM Blue = 35 degree bend

       I think that kinking that 5/16" stock on Wed. kept me  from fully recovering from Monday's bending.  I will keep progressing on the 3/8" Al until I can bend a 6" length.  I will then start working in the 5/16" HRS starting at 12" lengths.

      So far I have no signs of injury type pain that some complain of from their bending workouts.  The only problem I have had were some hand bruises when I first started on the 1/4" HRS.


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9"x3/8" Al= U-shaped

8"x3/8" Al= U-shaped

7-1/4"x3/8" Aluminum= U-shaped

6-5/8"x3/8" Al = kinked

    I will try 1/4" progressions down from 7-1/4"x3/8" Al to at least 6".  Hopefully that will equal the difficulty of my tougher 60 penny nails.


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IM White= U-shaped

IM Yellow= U-shaped

10"x3/8" Al= U-shaped

8"x3/8" Al= U-shaped

IM Blue= 35 degree bend

        No PR's today.  I haven't injured myself but wrists have felt a  little weak.  Maybe all my other grip  related work is overtraining my wrists a bit.  


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