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Front Squats Or Regular Squats?


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(Hope this is the right section to ask this question dont know where else it could belong)

is there a difference in the muscles you train with front squats and regular squats?

i read on BB.com that front squats doesnt hit the glutes but what if i go all the way down will it hit glutes?

i prefer doing full front squats over full squats because with front squats i can go to muscular failure while with squats i cannot because i cannot throw the bar off me when i hit the limit.

But its important to me to train all leg muscles so basically what im asking is am i training glutes with full front squats and do these 2 exercises hit the muscles in a slight different way?


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Well, with front squats you hold the bar in front of you sort of on your collar bones, and with back squats it on your shoulders. Kidding.

It also depends on your style of squatting but generally speaking the back squat might stress the posterior chain as a whole more, well the F. Squat might be more "quad dominant." But they both do both and it depends on leverages, etc.

Lame answer, eh? It's true though.

Squat heavy, from multiple angles.

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depends on your style of squatting, like if you squat narrow or wide, but typically the back squat will stress the posterior chain more (hips, hamstrings, glutes) whereas the front squat will stress the quads more, but since most people can go lower on front squats than they can back squats fronts will stress the glutes and hips as well.

another thing, I suggest you not got to failure especially on something as stressful on your central nervous system as squats, but that's just me.

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thanks guys guess i just have to see if my ass is sore the next day lol

GoJu, the workout program im following requires me to go to muscular failure....will see if it causes problems

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Front squats get my glutes sore, that is for sure, full depth is always preferable, definitely.

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