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First Ever Lifting of Two Inch Dumbells at Once!

Bill Piche

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Thanks to John Wood (COC) who is a member here for the photos of him lifting the replicas!

Check it out along with some other great new photos in the Iron History Gallery.

Click Here

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John is a young man- still in college!

Is there any doubt, since he could hold these

weights for 45 seconds, that he could have instead

farmer's walked with them? Not in my mind. John

says he has not yet tried the farmer's walk with them

because he is concentrating on holding the bells for


John's hand length is 8-3/8".

This is just the beginning of what he has to offer

grip fans!

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WOW!!!  That's amazing!  It says he walked a few steps, that counts in my book.

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You forgot to mention that John is somewhat of a giant - 6'4" and 280 pounds.  Really, that is awesome.  Question: do ya think he could curl those suckers??  :p

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The apple didn't fall far from that tree! Kim is a fine man and a for real strongman! I hope to meet that son of his and tip my hat!

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Congratulations! A great performance. Kim you must be proud of your boy, he's doing good, but of course he would, under your guidance.


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Good question about who will be the first to

clean 'them'. Let's settle for one at a time first.

And, whenever that happens, let's hope the

observers have cameras ready and eyes alert

to make sure it is a clean, not a continental, and

that the press is a press not a jerk, though that

would be a wonderful feat as well.

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Guest Jeff Roark

John is a member here correct? I think I have seen a few of his posts. I would like to know what he does for his grip work, as I am sure others would like to know too.

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Guest 115-1005574997

great feat John well done :)

I hate to be the one to say it, but is left bell resting on the bend left leg or is he still pivoting and hasn’t stopped and straightened up yet?

just wondered

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I thought he may still be pivoting.  Looks like a good lift to me......

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scott essery,

Good eye, and a fair question. Here's what John told me.

His sister was getting ready to take some photos. As you look at the photo, to the left, out of sight, is the platform from which John picked up the bells. He picked them up perhaps 3 or 4 inches off the platform, first he grabbed one with his left hand, then he grabbed the other with his right, then turned around to walk to where you see him in the photo.

During the 45 seconds he was holding the bells, the flash did not go off on a couple of shots, and by the time all was ready

John was losing his grip, and yes, he said at the time these

photos were snapped, the bell in his left hand is touching his


Had the flash not failed you'd have seen the first 40 seconds

or so of the hold where the bells were clear. But I rush to add

that the pivot, the mini-farmer's walk, and the tremendous

length of 45 seconds with an Inch in each hand is an incredible achievement. Unless I am seated, leg touch will not aid me in this lift!

We have not heard the last word, or hopefully seen the last

photos from John!

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Thank you gentlemen for your kind replies.  The truth is that I'm very lucky to be able to have access to a large variety of equipment to train for this feat , not to mention more than one bell.  When I first began to train with the Inch DBs i rigged  up a system where i put a thin rope around the  handle and attached it by chain to an overhead pulley thus counterbalancing the weight.  This worked ok but not great  as i creates different leverages.  One day I came up with the idea that I am currently using.  I place one end of a freeweight bench on a box making an angle of approximately 45 degrees.  Then i place the bell on the bench and slowly move the bench until its on end while holding on to the bell.    I hold the bell for as long as possible with one hand then the other and as fatigue sets in i lower the bench little by little.  I will do this until i move the bench back down to 45 degrees at which point my hands are totally fried.  I will do this with and underhand and overhand grip, the former being much harder than the latter.  I have played with the idea of constructing some sort of teeter totter system with the bell on one end and counterweights on the other in order to train different movements but i have not done so as of yet.   I do this in conjunction with my other grip work and have been thinking about doing it on a daily basis or even more than once a day.    In any case, ill keep you posted.

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Guest Reverend

Beautifully done, John.... VERY impressive.

Roark...  didn't we have a discussion about Bill Kazmeir supposedly cleaning and pressing (or continental and jerk, or whatever) an Inch replica at the Arnold Classic or something?  Or am I hallucinating again? :crazy

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It was Phil Pfister who continentaled and then jerked

a replica- though he touched the bell with his free

hand, thus a technical disqualification, but it was

obvious he had the strength.

Kaz witnessed this and then commented that when

he himself did the one hand, he did it in a similar


I cannot speak to your state of mind, whether your

brain is roaming or land based. Perhaps you should

see a minister, Rev?

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Question,.... after re-reading the posts about Johns feat and then speaking with him at the dinner it finally dawned on me that the bells were lifted off a knee height platform one, then the other, and then held. Still,I guess the challenge of deadlifting from the FLOOR two Inch replicas and possibly walking with them has not been conquered! As strong and talented as John Wood is I hope he is working on this!

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