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I am on phase 1, week 2 of KTA. This is my second day of week 2. So far this KTA cycle has been up and down, most likely do to the fact that Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I am doing a German Volume Training cycle. Example...today, I did 10 sets of 10 on Hang clean with only 95 pounds. By the end of the cycle my forearms could barely hold the bar since I was throwing it up on my shoulders and then dropping it back down repeatedly. This has led to a poor performance in grippers today, still getting them done though.

I obviously won't be able to post KTA workouts in here, but I will let you know of any PR's:

Right: Close #2 on most days, got the BBSM I have down to 1/2" or 1/4" few days ago.

Left: Close #2 on optimal days, BBSM is alittle over an inch.

Extensor bands: Yellow for 7 sets of 10 (trying to work into blue, that thing is hard)

Pony clamp: I can close it with both thumbs, but get a little more than half way with one.

Goals for 2006:

- Close BBSM both hands

- extend Blue band for 10 reps

Sledge, wrist roller, 4x4 pinch block, weights are at home (I am at college...graduating in December...woo wooo!). I might go and get those, if nothing else, pick up the sledge. I know I am not supposed to do much while on KTA...but I figure 2 or 3 leverages 2 or 3 times a week wouldn't hurt too bad.

Hope I keep up with this log...

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