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Pints Of Guinness Make You Strong

Sage Nowhere

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Saturday, June 23

Decided to start tryin' to workout daily and keep a log on it again. Didn't sleep at all tonight so I'm also gettin' an early start.

DB Presses




Been awhile since I pressed and I did this without a warmup, which might have been too much too soon. My right arm is alot stronger than my left in presses, as half of my presses with the left were pushed, but all the right went up pretty easy.


30x3 Knee Ups

30x3 Side Crunches

This worked my abs some, but not much. Probably up the volume tomorrow, didn't want to overdue it on the first day.

Uhhh, that's all for this morning. Probably more later, as I'd like to do some sprints. Possibly more iron work as well, or some bodyweight exercises.

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Probably more later, as I'd like to do some sprints.

Pints or sprints.....theres no question :D

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Hope it's Guinness foreign extra stout the best by far.None of that pansy draught flow stuff.

Right on! :mosher

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Hope it's Guinness foreign extra stout


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Leave it to the World Cup boys to join a thread with Guinness in the title :tongue

Good luck to ya Sage, you Florida boys are known to be hard trainers.

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One thing about me and my Florida peeps, we don't know the meaning of the word overtrained. Or undertrained for that matter. :whacked

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Lol, the black cans, that's the good stuff!!

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Yesterday I played some soccer with unseenbeat and a few other people, so I did some running, but not much.

Workout plans for today have been shot since my dad wasn't feeling good so I took him to the doctor and now am taking care of him for the moment. I might do something later in the evening, but probably not too much.

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Tuesday June 11th

Did a quick afternoon workout with unseenbeat today. So I finally got to give a small update to my log.

Power Clean






I don't have a revolving bar at my house, so it's been months since I last cleaned. I did really well, as all the lifts came up relatively easy. I could possibly have done more, however, unseenbeat got me to stop because we plan on working out tomorrow with a friend. But since I'm happy I did so well, this will probably lead to me doing more this evening.

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Forgot to add yesterday, I also did a heavy bag session of 3 rounds for 3 minutes, 1 minute of rest. I was pretty disappointed with it, as my left arm quickly got tired of punching and by the 2nd round my jabs were all but gone. However, I tried to finish strong with cominbations of hooks and some uppercuts. I was also able to practice being on the ropes by putting my back up to a wall near my heavy bag.

Wednesday July 12th

Did a good workout with unseenbeat and SGibson1989, Tim tried to teach Scott some things which you can read about in his log if anyone's really interested.

Clean & Jerk

135x3, the main purpose of this was to work on my form for jerk, as it's not too good. However I did well and with some more practice should be able to do it fluidly.

160lbs Sandbag

Been awhile since I did this, and I was happy that I was able to fully shoulder it, at least on the left shoulder. I tried to get it on the right, but was unable to get it the final bit past my chest. Afterwards, me and Tim carried it for three laps around his yard. I had expected the hardest part of this was going to be on my chest and arms to hold it up, but actually my legs tired the most throughout.

135lbs Deadlift & Carry

Tim got this idea after we carried the sandbag around. On my first lap around the yard I cleaned it and walked with it in a racked position, however this was hell on my wrists so I stopped after the one lap. Afterwards I did two laps with a wide alternating grip that gave a good workout for my traps.

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More work today!





Tried to do all this as fast as I could and keep my form good. The first set I really felt in my legs, the second my back, and the third my legs again. Not sure what my max deadlift is, but I think it's around 305#or so. I'd like to work up to 365 for the moment, although I'm undecided on how many sets/reps I should do. I could do a 5x5 system or a similar setup to what unseenbeat is currently doing, whichever I feel will work better I guess.

I doubt I'll do much more today, as I'm pretty tired. I'd like to do some ab work in the evening and maybe some wrist curls and light levering, but that'll be it.

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LoL sounds a lot like me. I cna tell you this for sure, Guinness worksyour abs hard.... and not in a good wya lol.


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